Crazy, 40 billion! Japan’s 70-year-old man is looking at the navel to deceive thousands of people, some people are willing to pick up nearly million …

On May 9, 2000, the Japanese police arrested 12 long-awaited suspects, including their lead – Fuyong Evanaga (Hogenfukunaga). ▲ Fu Yong is arrested Photo Source: BB Broadcasting Company Looks to the elderly, actually is the cultivator of the cult organization "Football". According to the British Broadcasting Company, since 1987, they have deceived nearly 30,000 people, and the fraud will be equipped with RMB 4.8 billion.

Look at the future Fuyong Law Source was born in Yamaguchi County in Japan in 1945. In the early years, it was an electrician. Later, a small company was created.

This company bankrupts in 1978 and gave Fu Yong’s unwell blow.

He has unemployed, began to add fans in Buddhism and Christianity, hoping to find emotional horses in religion.

According to himself, he is at this time, "Guidelines for Christ".

He said that Christ told himself that it is necessary to create a flower of Dharma in all mankind. Since then, Fu Ye is compared to the avatar of the world. According to the "Japan Times" report, Fu Yong said that he is the last savior of humanity. The end of the world will come in 2012. God has sent himself to give all human redemption, believe in himself, you can save it.

In order to make your own words more convincing, Fuyong has created a "foot". ▲ Fuyong’s "Football" Source: The British Broadcasting Company’s so-called "foot" is through observing the foot of the person, judge him (her) future fate and physical health.

Fu Yong’s goal is the housewife in the big city. He tells them through "sucking" to tell them that they may have serious illness, or the child will encounter very terrible disasters. If you want to avoid this, you should join your own training. The class "reverse the sky is changed".

▲ About Fuyong "Foot" comics evil spirits disaster, get rid of bad luck, husband and wife, family harmony … In short, as long as you look forward to, join the training class can get, feel uncomfortable, don’t need to go to the hospital, just let Fuyong Look at the feet, he can tell you what is wrong. According to foreign media reports, a Japanese woman pays about 820,000 yuan in their own birth, hoping that "the" foot "can cure the chronic disease of his daughter.

The results can be imagined that no effect is obtained. And this woman, only once, did not participate in the lecture held by Fu Yong, Fu Yong told her that she would have to be responsible for the future of her daughter. "You don’t listen to the sound from heaven, your daughter will be punished from heaven!" Another male suffered the same treatment. He was told that if he didn’t want to participate in the lecture held by Fu Yong, it would be to buy a reel of 480,000 yuan to avoid disasters, otherwise it will have cancer. Because he is afraid, he really pays money, in addition to this, more payment, buy Fu Yong’s personal signature, and bless himself.

▲ The theory of "Football" In addition to spending money, Fu Yong also requires members to accept strict training. According to Japan’s "Dynasty News", believers should yelle "I live healthy and happy" regularly on the street, "I have to help believeors ignore the eyes and opinions of others through this training. Fu Yong speaks the habit of listening. Those who don’t do this will be destroyed and crowded by people in the church.

After the training, these people will be brought to a closed room, and Fu Yong commanded them to take off their socks so they check their feet. "Your little toe is too short." "This means that your feet lose balance, the whole person is also imbalance, health will have problems, need further examination."

"" Next, let me see if heaven’s power flows in your body.

"… Fu Ye is relying on this virtual statement to defraud the trust of believers.

"You are lucky, fortunately, you joined us, you will suffer all kinds of disasters in the future, but I can help you, whether it is bad or cancer." Fu Yong said.

▲ Fuyong photos Source: BBC’s next step, of course, is paying money, and the cost of resolving is about 140,000 yuan.

The 69-year-old Jewetry has been looking for a method of treating high blood pressure.

He recalled that Fu Ye touched his head and said: "Your energy is stagnant.

Only 30% of flow flows, while 70% of traffic is stationary. This means unless you follow our instructions, you may have trouble anywhere.

"Because of this sentence, Juxi paid about 9.7 million yuan in the next 12 months.

The navel also represents the life of the kneeco, which has several restaurants in a coastal town in Tokyo.

Just in order to see Fuyong, he has already spent 120,000 yuan.

Next, he had to spend 150,000 yuan in the "Foot Associate" headquarters for five-day training seminars, the purpose is to "purify" his thoughts and body.

"I spent all the money brainwashed and crushed, and our 28 people sleepless, repeated slogans, and sang a few hours ‘my happy health, I am happy to health …’.

"Jane Chi said. After the seminar ended, everyone was asleep, and Fu Ye asked them to answer, whether the idea was liberated.

Chrysanthemachi said that he felt that it was different.

When I was asleep in Chrysanthemachi, Fu Yong made him signed a sheet of paper and promised to recruit other people within 72 hours. Juchi recruited his wife and paid 150,000 yuan, and then recruited his daughter and son-in-law.

The son-in-law will only be 9 years old, 11 years old and 13, respectively, and served as Wu Yong. ▲ Fuyong compiled a source of books: After Amazon’s newcomers, Fu Ye will tell them in order to keep the believer, tell them that in addition to feet, the navel also represents fate. According to the Wall Street Daily, Fu Yong once said: "The Japanese is so umbilical consciousness because the navel is the core of Japanese culture.

"He wrote in a book related to how to diagnose the disease through the shape of the navel:" The navel is the core of all things ".

However, Jichi spent so much money, "Heaven" has never given a sound. At this time, he finally wake up, filed a lawsuit against Fu Ye, but this is only hundreds of lawsuits in Fuyong.

Fu Yong was arrested in May 2000, and the police arrested Fuyong and other 11 members with crimes of fraud and unlicensed doctors. The investigators said that in the past 10 years, they defrauded huge money, and selling counterfeit drugs. There have been 1,100 believers of the church filed a lawsuit, requiring Fuyong compensation for about billion yuan. ▲ Fu Yong was arrested, and Fu Yong also faced the allegations of murder – four new members died of strict training ceremony.

However, during the trial, Fu Yong refused to plead guilty. He insisted that he had never deceived anyone, just saved humanity under the guidance of God. The judge finally ruling that Fu Yong and his tribute were fraud, he was the planner of this crime.

With Fuyong’s conviction, "Football" is also disbanded. The "Chicago Forum" comment said that Fu Yong’s riddles can attract so many people at that time, in fact, because many people are disappointed with the recession and high unemployment rates of the Japanese economy. Sociologists said that many spiritual groups developed in this recession because people lost confidence in society.

Before the Japanese economic recession, many workers believe that in the company’s system, their future is guaranteed, and their work will continue.

However, this hypothesis is shattered, unemployment and economic uncertainty have caused betrayal and insecurity, and a large number of Japanese seek spiritual guidance. This expansion of this appeal also gave birth to a variety of psychological groups and even the birth of cult organizations. In fact, as the judge of Fuyong said, Fu Yong’s office is unfair to the normal religion, it is undoubtedly cult. He knows that he has never heard that "the sound of heaven" or use him. "Universe Energy". All of this is just that Fu Yong is carefully burst with a fortune.