Building a "lifeline" in building flood control and disaster relief

On the afternoon of October 10, one excavator was 12 hours of uninterrupted work, leading to Xiaobai Township, the mountain road covered by the mudslides, and the villagers in the mountain village went out of the village.Autumn.Since October 3, the road landslide, landslide, mudslide and other disasters such as road landslide, landslide, mudslides, etc.Great encryption road hidden dangers investigation.

Up to now, 300 people, 96 vehicles, and investment funds 1.1 million yuan, and investigate 1674 kilometers of rural roads, and investigate the rural roads of 2 urban service centers of 8 townships, focusing on the easy geological disasters in the mountainous area.Six towns have conducted uninterrupted inspections, a total of 96 hidden dangers, have been disposed of 31 sites on site, 2 blocks, 110 kilometers of road blocking points, and the rest have set safety warning signs, remind passing vehicles and pedestrians.

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