Tongliao City breeding insurance underwriting agency quickly launched the post-disaster claims business

  Recently, Tongliao City has strong snowfall weather, causing 8 flag counties such as science district, Kaul, Left, and Houqi.

According to the statistics of the Municipal Agriculture and Husbandry Bureau, as of November 16, the city’s insured aquaculture insurance agency received the cause of livestock deaths in the collapse of shed and low temperatures as: policy beef cattle 472, has completed 457 investigations, Claim 106; 99 cows, have completed the investigation of 98, claim 18; the pig 2038 mouth, has completed the survey, claim 1594.

The main reason for the completion of the unsuved compensation is that it is not delivered to the insurance company by the blizzard.

The bureau will continue to supervise each of the various provincial farm and animal husbandry and related units to investigate the damage and complete the claim. In this case, the majority of farmers, actively insured the beef cattle, cows, pigs and other farmers insurance, and the underwriting agency will pay attention to the death of livestock due to natural disasters, accidents, disease diseases, etc. during the insurance period. (Li Wei, Li Xin, Bai Wenli, Ding Lan) (Editor: Zhang Xue Dong, Liu Ze) Sharing let more people see recommendation reading.