Primary and secondary school will fully implement the artistic quality assessment system

Original title: Primary and Secondary School will fully implement the artistic qualification assessment system around the development of school aesthetic education and related conditions in the national sixth college student art show, the Ministry of Education held a press conference in Chengdu yesterday.

Wang Deng, Director of the Ministry of Education, Sports Health and Art Education, said in the meeting, will fully implement the artistic quality assessment system of primary and secondary school students, incorporate the quality assessment results in the early and high school students, and promote the pilot of senior high school education.

  Wang Deng said that the next step of the Ministry of Education will focus on three aspects, promote the school’s health work: First, we will fully deepen the teaching reform of school aesthetic education. Open the good health courses, further improve the aesthetic education curriculum system of large and middle schools, implement basic requirements for the institutional courses, and continuously broaden the field of beauty training. Strengthening the teaching and practice of aesthetic education, constructing and gradually improving the teaching model of "Art Basic Knowledge + Art Quality + Special Art Special Art Special Arts".

  The second is to focus on improving the school conditions for school aesthetics.

Strengthen the team of American education teachers, increase the supplement of the aesthetic education teachers in primary and secondary schools, strengthen the training training of American education teachers, and promote the structural reform of teachers to cultivate supply side, comprehensively enhance the quality of culture. Promote all parts of the three-year action plan for the implementation of the institutional education teacher equipments and venue equipment construction. Improve the level of equipment equipment and strengthen the construction of the US stunt pavilion in colleges and universities.

  The third is to improve the evaluation mechanism of strengthening school aesthetics. Promote the evaluation of the aesthetic education, fully implement the artistic quality assessment system of primary and secondary school students, and incorporate the results of the art quality assessment into the beginning, high school students’ comprehensive quality assessment.

Summarize the local subjects into the experience practices of the senior high school entrance examination, and promote the pilot of the military education reform.

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