Pay attention to minors mental health

Minors are the flowers of the motherland and is the hope of the nation.

With the development of economic development and society, the mental health of minors is more and more attention to everyone.

In life, some parents have excessively paying attention to children’s academic performance, but rarely pay attention to the child’s psychological needs.

Affected by the Internet, many children are vulnerable to non-good culture, such as violence, pornography, etc., and even induce young people.

In addition, the physical and mental development of minors is not strong enough, and the recognition of things is not perfect for the judgment of the situation. It is easy to be too biased when they encounter setbacks, which will cause psychological problems. Promoting the mental health education of minors, requires schools, parents and society to work together, guide minors to establish the correct values, let them have a healthy and positive heart. In school education, schools have enrolled mental health education in schools, and the schools set up mental counseling rooms, organizing mental health knowledge, and strengthen mental health education in minors.

In family education, parents must truly understand their child’s psychology, respect the child’s personality, and cultivate children’s active emotions, strong will and excellent morality, let children learn their emotions.

I can’t take a problem, but I look for a solution with my child to establish a child’s self-confidence.

Pay attention to the companion, go out with your child, do housework, reading, etc., let your child feel the love of the family. Guiyang Daily Head Media Reporter Jin Mao Mao (Editor: Li Yongxin (Internship), Chen Kangqing) Share Let more people see recommendation reading.