A bodyguard that is flying,Stripped by him。
A drag。
This poor guy is like a windmark wheel.。
Total Annihilation。
He was treated as a humanoid weapon in summer,It’s like a giant foot, generally swept around everyone.。
Those security guards that are sweeping immediately issued a painful,One picks up a flight,Short three seconds,Summer around three meters and no one。
But not finished。
After sweeping a circle,Summer arm,This guy is like a buckle,Drake a big windmill。
Then being bombed,狠 砸,Surprise。This guy has already been blood,The head has been depressed a large piece,Unhealable convulsions,口 汩汩 汩汩 淌 淌,Looking at the way。
NS642chapter Cold
All this happens very fast。
Before and back, it’s just a few seconds.。
but,But a big jump in Luo Mengfu,I didn’t expect to dream.,Summer is actually so fierce。
“Pull away,Use a gun,Give me a shot of him with a gun!”
Roche’s http://www.yygezi.cn father and women have a bad feeling.,Originally, the look of the town is also invincible.。
After hearing his order,The bodyguards that are ready to rush to stop,Touch the waist。
How can I give them a chance?,Magnifying a residue,Has been in the wind in a fault。
The whole hospital is mad。
A bodyguard just took out guns,Not waiting for him to pull the trigger,The skin on the cheeks feels a cold wind。
In the field of view,Flash over the heavy boxing。
This punch,Welcome the gun tube。
Catch a crisp。
It’s like a stuffed torn air,Then, it is a metal 铿 and a scream.。
This bodyguard pistol is like a soft soil.,Inverter break,Various parts splash。
And his wrist is also counter-inspection,Baisen’s bones and even pierced muscles,Outside。
Counter,Turn around,http://www.weiyijiu.cnAt the same time, take out a whip leg。
Another one on the right,Just like being broken by the war。
He protects the arm of the head of the head,I didn’t play any effects at all.,Folded by one foot to the head。
This feet,So simple, simply,So old, like Taishan。
Fast arrived。
Also getting the ultimate。
His head,Just like a piece of iron beteriery is above watermelon.……Whole burst。
Red blood,White cerebrose,Sudden shot。