Harry can now become a dragon blood warrior,But the difference from Cecilia is quite big。Harry’s transformation form,Its overall image is closer to the orthodox dragon blood warrior—In other words, the transformation form of Qinglong。Have to say the difference,Mainly with some crystal-clear scales unique to the crystal dragon,And a softer face。

And Harry’s own state,Also reached the level of a lower god,The second law is also beginning to comprehend and merge。But there is still a considerable distance from the median。But Wright judged,Harry’s savvy,Stepping into the middle god within a thousand years is not a big problem。But what makes Wright more speechless is,The child didn’t realize the three profound principles he could teach,But the law of darkness。
Harry is also eager to go out,But Wright issued a strict order,Must become a mid-level god and fully integrate the two mysteries,To allow him to go out—Without the strength of the upper god level,The risk of intrusion is too great。If you become a middle god,Combine the two mysteries,Plus Wright gave some life-saving means,There is some guarantee for life safety。
Compared with Harry’s practice,Wright also got some breakthroughs in the mystery of the law。
On the Dark God Plane,In the mansion of Wuguang City,Wright sat in the dark room。Eyes closed,A gray divine power revolves around Wright’s body surface,As if a river is flowing slowly,As if the breeze is blowing,Slightly splashed。
In the law of water system【Round soft mysterious】、【Misty fantasy】with【Water element mysterious】The three laws of mystery have been merged with each other。
The fusion of these three mysteries,Wright created a defensive marksmanship trick【Magnolia River】,Also named after an important river on the plane of his hometown。
of course,These three mysterious fusion moves,There is not much improvement to Li Ming’s strength,More is a deeper understanding of the laws of the water system。
But there is another advantage,If Li Ming uses this water system law mysteriously,Change breath again,James the secret king may not be able to recognize,Maybe it can be used to hide identity。Disguised as an ordinary six-star‘Darkwalker’Approaching James,Maybe it’s a hit。
Wright’s law of water system,Combine the body power of the deity,It’s easy to kill James with a physical attack。
After all, James is actually just a relatively powerful six-star elf level powerhouse,And he is not good at fighting,Good at the type of magic circle。The combat experience may be worse。
And Wright’s real progress is in soul attacks。The three profound mysteries he has understood include those that are biased towards soul attacks.【Nirvana】with【Power of life】,Actually compared to material attacks,More suitable in terms of soul,Even Yu Wright is fusing【Power of life】with【Round soft mysterious】in the process of,I also realized the strength of the soul,Means of making soul defense artifacts。
With Wright’s new soul attack method,Killing James is even easier。