Zhou Ye wants to think:“Is it the most serious?,Like stiff?”

His words, like a light, break the fog of the stone in the heart of the stone.,The elderly nodded excitedly:“Correct,Is a stiffness。”
This kind of phenomenon should be morning stiff.,Consider the diagnosis of patients more meaningful to the patient’s diagnosis,Zhou Ye is also looking for related possibilities,Always close to the clinical manifestation of stone light。
Communicate,Shi Lang Yao’s medical history has been intermittent for more than half a year,The main performance of the near-end joint morning,And probably continued every day15Hours,When he was inscribed, he found that the old man and his wrist joint were slightly swollen.,It is very painful,And swelling is symmetrical,The left and right hand morning stiff and swelling places are basically symmetrical.。
“Why do you not do related inspections?。”Zhou Ye wondered,There is too much old man who doesn’t matter to your body.,Then lead to a relatively powerful future disease progression。
Shi Hui still didn’t wait for my father to talk,First, the head is low.,Looking at my father sitting there,She only feels fever on her face,I have been burning into my neck,Even the eyebrows are hot.。
Because Shi Hui is often very small home,Brother is also busy,They are really lacking for their father.。
Zhou Ye I obey the atmosphere.,Father and female two although silent,But it seems that there is a thousand words.。
He knocked the keyboard,Take the inspection and inspection doctor。
The printer next to the outpatient computer issued a mechanical wengming,Then check the report application order will come out.。
Pick up the report application,Zhou Yewu handed the list to Shi Hui,Concern:“Let’s take the old man to do the inspection above the list.,Mainly considering the disease of the rheumatoid immune system,Possibility of rheumatoid arthritis……Need you to do some check,Further clear diagnosis。”
Shi Hui stared at the application report on a string check project,Improving the water in the water,The projects on this report have almost have seen these items.。
Zhou Ye will need to check it out.,I wrote the room to check the room.。
“You will do it according to my circle.,Finish。”
“Doctor,Do my father need hospitalization??”
“I haven’t gone to the point,First wait for the results,You need to confirm that the following soft organization has no swelling and effusion.,Also check the serum rheumatism,Then the imaging examination also wants to do,Look at the procedure of osteopolysis,Have no bone decompositibility。”
“It is not very serious now.,Is it right?”
“Clinical manifestation,Currently,But the course of the disease is more,Specific analysis and other inspections come out,Let’s talk again.,Because there is no inspection, there are many uncertain states.,Like although your father is the near-end knock, there is morning,However, there are also small portions of osteoarthritis based on far-end fingers, will also have an inseparable near-end morning.,So I can’t give you an accurate answer now.。”
Shi Hui took stone light and went to the door.。
Zhou Ye is looking at the back of the two people,I don’t know why I think two people bring a bleak atmosphere.。
Before the stone light is finished,Zhou Ye I looked at the seven or eight patients.,When Shi Hui is nervous, the report will be taken back.,Almost four o’clock,Girl stare,Heart beating,Waiting for the results of Yanye I have read the results of the check,Just like waiting for a trial。
“Look still,No hospitalization is required,I will give you some anti-wind and wet drugs.,First take a while, come back to the clinic.。”Zhou Ye went into the Citizen Citizen Card of Shi Yao into the credit card,Quick sliding,Then open some willow nitrogen sulfyridine、Squarb and stomach medicine。
“Finish。”Zhou Ye I took out the citizen card:“You can get medicine.,Downstairs。”
Shi Hui took the publication of the citizen card,After the red face, I will help my father out the clinic.。
Zhou Ye, I will continue to read the last few patients.,Wait for an end,He lifted it on white coat,Found a girl standing at the door。
Girl’s pointed appearance,Handsome eye eyebrows,Brunette like a waterfall,Wearing a white dress,Pure。
“Shi Hui?”Zhou Ye。
NS483chapter Barefoot doctor(new book《White is A》Collect~)
Shi Hui stood in the door, looking at Ye Ye,Take a look around,Look on the right,Confirming no one will slowly push the stone light in the outpatient room.。
“Why still take a wheelchair?,Can you still go when you go??”Zhou Ye looks at the wheelchair in Shi Hui,There is also a slightly exhausted stone light on a wheelchair.,Feel a wonderful。
Is it going to check the way?,This type of rheumatoid arthritis is aggravated?The legs of the leg feet?
Shi Hui is helpless:“There are too many people who go downstairs and so on.,No place to rest,Standing and queued in,Father’s legs hurt,The nurse in the examination room borrowed our wheelchair.。”
“How is the situation now??”Zhou Ye I reopened outpatient medical system,Brush a citizen card,This unlucky reader brushed for a long time, there was no response.,Seems to have failed。
He smashed his head.:“Active。”
If Xu Ruibie came to tomorrow,I found that the card reader is broken.,Do not let yourself compensate……
However, the things that compensation is still slow.,Can you see this patient?。