“Yes,Friends should help each other。”

Vyacheslav·Ivchenko smiled and nodded,He didn’t believe the words of Chen Geng, a big capitalist from the United States.,But this does not prevent Vyacheslav·Ivchenko takes a more friendly attitude towards Chen Geng——Without Chen Geng’s help,The days of the Ivchenko Design Bureau were too sad。
Follow Viacheslav·Ivchenko’s thoughts,Chen Geng and his party had better rest first,Go to the laboratory in the afternoonAI-222-25Engine condition,But Chen Geng insisted to go now,Vyacheslav·Ivchenko and favorable·Kravchenko persuaded、See Chen Geng insisted,He did what he meant。
Come to the power laboratory of Ivchenko Design Bureau,Vyacheslav·Ivchenko pointed to the length of a fixed platform2About meters、Counting the height of the stand, the overall height is exactly the engine at the waist of Chen Geng,Say proudly:“Mr. Fernandez,This engine is the one we just completed the aerial platform testAI-222-25engine,It is also the most advanced military turbofan engine in the world today。”
As early as the design,The Ivchenko Design Bureau willAI-222-25The initial information of the engine was sent to Chen Geng,and so,Chen Geng pairAI-222-25The engine data has long been familiar,but,Looking at the data on paper is never as good as seeing the real guy in person:Can you imagine,Just one diameter624mm、length1960mmof“Bobbin”,Can actually burst out more than2500Kilogram of thrust、Let a maximum take-off weight exceed10Tons of planes flying into the sky!
Chen Geng nodded repeatedly,Although he can’t tell where the engine is,But this does not prevent him from expressing appreciation for this engine。
Vyacheslav·Ivchenko,He has a bite,Then said to Chen Geng:“Do you remember,As mentioned in the information we gave you before,AI—222—25The engine is based onAI-25TLEngine-based design,So andAI-25TLsame,AI-222-25The basic structure of the engine isAI-25TLsame,Is also a dual-rotor turbofan engine。”
“Yes,I remember that。”Chen Geng nodded。
“Although the basic structure is the same,But we actually made quite a few changes,”Speaking of which,Vyacheslav·Ivchenko proud、Talking about introducing Chen Geng:“For example withAI-25Compared to the core machine,NewAI—222—25Engine improved high-pressure compressor,Added a high-pressure compressor,Redesign low voltage components。
In addition,We have not only increased the number of nozzles in the combustion chamber,And re-optimize the design of the combustion chamber,LetAI-222-25Combustion chamber ratioAI-25TLThe efficiency of the combustion chamber is improved5%。
There is also a high-pressure turbine,AI-222-25The high-pressure turbine adopts theD—27Cooling structure similar to the high-pressure turbine of the engine gas generator,and,AI-222-25The engine is followingD-90AAfter the engine, the second Soviet turbofan engine with a full-power digital control system plus mechanical hydraulic backup……”
Chen Geng nodded repeatedly。
He naturally knows,So-calledD-90A,Russia after the collapse of the Soviet UnionPS-90A,Makes countless domestic military fans drool, especially hair fans、Hope to purchase and even introduce the engine——PS-90ABut theoretically we can buy、Performance can match that of YankeesC-17Pratt on the transport plane·WhitneyPW2040A military turbofan engine comparable to the engine。