It takes less than forty minutes,Lu Menglin and the child returned to the uncle’s house。

All the neighbors in the yard can see clearly,Some smart people understand,The two and a half older kids are not easy,How can there be such a coincidence in the world,They just entered the game with their front feet,Someone came from behind and smashed Aunt Zhan’s car。
But,There are some things everyone sees through,Just watch the excitement。
Uncle saw Lu Menglin and the child come back,A big rock in my heart immediately fell to the ground。
He and Auntie looked at each other,Both felt a little guilty in their hearts,Lu Menglin just came back,Haven’t eaten hot rice yet,Got into trouble。
“I blame Uncle for uselessness,You are wronged。”Uncle whispered。
Lu Menglin shook his head,Smiled:“Nothing!Normal operation,We just went and chatted a few words,Comrades from the police are very kind。”
“Their car.Smashed。You asked someone to do it?”Uncle looked a little embarrassed,Finally gritted his teeth and asked。
He is just honest,Not stupid,In the blink of an eye,Aunt Zhan’s car was smashed,And that Wang Xiaopang is even more wicked,If this matter has nothing to do with my nephew,No one believes it。
“Ah,I do not know!I was at the police station just now!”Lu Menglin answered the wrong question。
Wang Xiaopang winked at the side,I can’t wait to stand up immediately。
“If you provoke a lawsuit,You just say it’s my name,Don’t mess with friends。Your uncle has nothing else to do,Just not afraid of being bullied。”Uncle smiled lightly。
Lu Menglin frowned,Wang Xiaopang is anxious,Quickly explained:“Nothing will happen,Boss Yao personally leads the team,Things go smoothly,Guaranteed no problem。”
“Got it,Make an appointment tomorrow morning,Before I leave, I will meet Boss Yao。”Lu Menglin casually ordered。
“it is good,it is good,I’m going to make an appointment。”Wang Xiaopang quickly got up,Went out to call。