A tight fist, Shen paint face some ugly, but did not speak.

  Shen Xuan sat very quiet, knew his grandfather very risky decision, she also has a lot of pressure, since the de深圳桑拿网cision may be, she can not be selfish.
  ”The remaining fifteen percent of the shares for the time being remain in me, and so my day two feet into the coffin, to give you little brats!”The old man frowned, looked a little disappointed this is not a grandson.
  Heard, Shen paint eyes full of chill, it seems to have become accustomed to the eccentric old man.
  ”You are the people Shen, the company now needs further development, I am old, and you have to understand the company’s future in the situation, since I took over the company to Mu Ting, if you still secretly playing tricks, too Do not say I do not care you!”The old man looked solemn stamp stamped his crutch.
  Seeing this, other people naturally nod, and that they dare not go against Mu Ting, but not the other means have not heard, and now other directors are honest, who would out of the limelight.
  He said some old people waved his hand and let them loose, and then escorted her grandfather Shen Xuan go upstairs to rest.
  The old man looked back upstairs, Shen paint Lengheng soon went back to the room, followed by Chen Yumin also looked around following them, until the door was locked, Shen paint it immediately went up to.
  ”Dad, do I have to run, absolutely foolproof, this way, that MuTing and this will certainly be the girl who divorce, the old man would not give him up company!”
  Hands, carrying a cup of tea, Chen Yumin surface which at this time there is usually refined and gentle, but reveals Yinhen share, “pay attention, do not kill people, and engage in big trouble.”
  Heard, Shen paint immediately laughed, “rest assured, I will let those who pay attention to, and that time took pictures, look at that girl who can jump out what da.”
  Having said that, and something of a taboo Couguo head, “That medicine.Do you still want to continue under the old man?”
  in fact.He was still not bear, though eccentric old man, but in the end he is pro-grandfather.
  Aware of his hesitation, Chen Yumin immediately gave him a cold eye, “Of course you want to continue, the old man one day die, things will be variable, Shen you are the sole heir, that girl counts for something!”
  Watching the father, Shen paint is no longer speak, but nodded vigorously.