second child this year, and also has not married yet, for this thing, but my mother a lot of trouble, my father directly on the matter , the second child he grew older he can still do not get married, it would be outside pass some baseless rumor, what a bastard ah, what a big girl with Which indecent, so also are out, a few months before my mother just for this thing was sick for a while.”

  Wen nine Xiao Yuan Speaking of which, immediately understand the meaning of his little girl, Xiao Yuan seems to want to introduce the object of her husband’s brother Zhou Xiangting.
  Wen nine bit strange, this day and age, children are Meishuozhiyan marriage, their parents, the two old Zhou yet alive, Logically, this was supposed to be his wife and Zhou Zho广州桑拿网u Gelao thing to worry about, even if the week home old couple would not worry, there are still big brother广州桑拿网 Zhou Xianglian this, how this sister Xiao Yuan, have actually picked up the heart to say, this matter also fail to get her head ah.
  Of course, impossible to know what Zhou Wen nine internal details.
  Xiao Yuan reason why you want to worry about their husband’s brother to help introduce women, mainly because she felt her husband’s brother to always take the money sorry, what would like to do for the husband’s brother.
  In fact, these days one after another, taking advantage of Zhou Xiangting back to the days of Zhou, Xiao Yuan also specially arranged a blind date several similar scenes.
  She selected in family net worth among a lot of innocent girls, taking advantage of Zhou Xiangting home, introduced to him, manufacture encounter things like.
  However, Zhou Xiangting every time her these moves are indifferent, as if those girl北京风月网s are not interested in the same.
  Xiao Yuan also know that this husband’s brother looks,