head, “My mother is not a fool.”

  ”南宁桑拿论坛Five uncle, four aunt’s head can be smart, grandfather’s aunt said head full four aunt’s head, so four aunt will become a scientist.”Resentment small gourd looked at him,” Why do you let five aunt sent for four aunt Well?Four aunt is the head scientist, five aunt is food goods head, five aunt say for sure, but four aunt.”
  Pay big kitchen turned a supercilious, he let five US not to go, okay.
  Yuehua Jian, five US as a gust of wind rushed in, grabbed pay kitchen excited authentic: “Four said Tuesday she was purified from a plant in MSG, pure plant, pollution-free health.Quickly, and how we try to taste.”
  ”Really?I quickly try new dishes that, is not that how the taste of.”
  Two small gourds and fat bulging eyes, look around back and forth.
  Then learn to tone before Chen speak, “Four aunt did not come, but also intimate it?”
  Gourd苏州夜网 big eyes over the pages, “people did not come, but also with what the pro?”
  ”Blind date was not any.”Fat sigh.
  ”Blind date has not yet begun, ended.”
  ”Just our luck dear uncle, four aunt have not seen him.”Fat is a blind date did not meet uncle sorry.
  ”Hey, it is a hapless, yet the opportunity to play the hapless, more pathetic than the previous hapless.”Gourd said,” or else so will we point to the hapless uncle eat tofu dumplings?”
  ”I do not give, give your.”Fat hold their arms out as if to hold that the bean curd skin buns.
  Small gourd scratched his fat face, “that.I do not give.”
  A long while, both of them sigh, “four aunt married this year and no.”
  ”Four uncle when will they appear?”
  Kitchen come the bursts of flavor,
  ”Incense.”Fat little stomach feeling,” I’m going to eat.”
  Some small gourd struggling, slid dow南宁桑拿n from the bench, “I also got to eat.Next time.Next time to give it fo