2021 mobile Internet Blue Book: Optimize online education quality focus on promoting information literacy of teachers and students

Original title: 2021 Mobile Internet Blue Book: Optimized Online Education Quality Focus on Improve Teachers and Students Information Reprinted People’s Network Beijing July 22 Saver People’s Network Research Institute to organize mobile Internet Blue Pass "China Mobile Internet Development Report (2021)" Today is officially official release.

Among them, the article "Improves the information literacy of teachers and students" written by Xiangxiao University, and the quality of the information literacy and optimize online education have pointed out that online education has played a huge role in 2020 "suspension of closing", and the integration of education in the future online education The mode will become a normal state, and the focus of optimizing online education is to enhance the information literacy of teachers and students. The article pointed out that 2020 "suspension of suspension" is both the emergency move of the epidemic, and an application show for Internet + education. The rapid spread of online education in the process of exhibition of epidemic reflects the true value of information technology integration education, providing practical experience to future online courses and the normalization of the course mixed teaching model, but the online education quality and social capital is over-input. Anxiety makes the sustainable development of online education into a topic.

The article pointed out that it is necessary to ensure the quality of online education and enhance the information literacy of teachers and students. In terms of teachers, the depth integration of information technology and education and education redefines the role of teachers. It is one of the core literacy of teachers, and the information literacy and discipline ability make up a double wing. It is the "dual-nuclear element of teachers" ".

The information of the teacher is first awareness, requiring teachers to have internalized information sensitivity, with motivation and ability to find and utilize active, real, accurate information; followed by calculating thinking, requiring teachers to have a complex issue, Abstract, constructive models of specific problems, focusing on solving problems and efficiency; again is digital learning and innovation capabilities, requiring teachers to actively use and scientifically choose suitable resources, tools and platforms; finally information social responsibility , Ask teachers to lead students to pursue scientific and creative values, cultivate students’ cooperation and team spirit, and serious, rigorous academic attitude. For primary and secondary school students, primary and secondary school students must have the right values, essential character and key capabilities in learning.

Information awareness in information kettlement, calculation thinking, digital learning and innovation, and information social responsibility in connection with online learning.

First, the information consciousness has a high degree of consciousness, with higher information sensitivity, more motivation and ability to have valuable information; second, with classmates who calculate thinking, it is possible to learn from the line of computer science to solve problems. Methods to seek the best solution, lay a solid foundation for future learning and life; Tools, in the middle of online learning, there is more than one; Respect and recognition of national culture.

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