Be alert and exposed the "unique" trick of the Democratic Party Administration (Talk about Sun Month)

  It is a consistent trick of the Democratic Government of the Democratic Advanced Party. In particular, it is facing the continental anti- "unique" high pressure and iron boxing. The Ministry of Progressive Party has to change the technique. Borrow a "Taiwan independence" private goods. The main tricks of gradually entered the Taiwan independence. It is highly vigilant to these tricks, timely, and deeply revealed. Recently, the Ministry of Public Advanced Party has taken place to learn the difference between "Taiwan independence" splitting edge. Cai Yingwen has a darkness of the "neighbor" in a forum. It is intended to be "neighbor" in the Chinese draft.

This time, the Democratic Government of the Democratic Party borrowed the "Double Ten" activity to mark the picture, put the so-called "TaiwannationAlday" signage directly, staged another lacquered "Taiwan independence" private goods, selling "one middle one" Political farce.

Its "English Taiwan independence" will also follow the track, and it can be formed.

  In a sense, the "Taiwan independence" is concerned about "Taiwan independence", it is a small and smart political little trick. It is also the "Taiwan independence" "the same temperature" "self-intensity."

Although this secretly touched political little action does not change the fact that the two sides of the same world is a Chinese legal and historical facts, they can’t ignore their progressive national society for Taiwan’s universal cognition of China. The Democracy Party Denual denied that the "Nine-two Consensus" of the Central Committee was reflected in the principle of the principle, and the systemicity in the field of politics, judicial, economic and cultural fields, highlighting "Taiwan’s subjectivity", blurred two sides of political positioning, increased cross-strait people in recognition , Cultural alienation, eroding the political foundation of the two sides of the same belongings. Nowadays, "English version of Taiwan independence" is in the dark, and "one of the one, one" image in the international public opinion scene, engaged "gradually entered the Taiwan independence", and its intention is really clear, it is the new trend of the current map of the international community. Since a period, the DPP’s "unique" provokes have provocated "unique", bringing serious hindrances to cross-strait relations.

Any new "Taiwan independence" trial of the DPPAC is to endanger the peaceful and stable and stable in Taiwan and Taiwan’s compatriots will become unbearable in Taiwan. "Taiwan independence" small action is difficult to escape the hammer of the justice of "Taiwan independence", any "Taiwan independence" is impossible to succeed, and it is more uniform to reverse the motherland. (The author is a deputy dean, professor of the Taiwan Research Institute, Beijing, China (Editor: Liu Jie, Cui Yue) Sharing more people see.