Combating illegal trafficking in cultural property, international day China home forum

Original title: Combating illegal trafficking cultural property International Day China Home Forum held this newspaper Beijing November 14th (Reporter Wang Wei) 14th, hosted by the State Cultural Relics Bureau, Shanghai Cultural Relics Bureau, Shanghai University, Helded illegal trafficking cultural property International Day "China’s home forum is held online, which is also the first time, the National Cultural Relics, held the home activities of the International Day. Since Joining the 1970 Convention The international new order of cultural relics continues to contribute to China. Forum released the "2021 to combat illegal trafficking cultural property on the international day" special web page, show five publicity posters of UNESCO, link China’s stolen (lost) cultural relics databases and foreign stolen cultural relics databases, promote 3 online exhibitions and 9 The entity exhibition, sharing my country and the people who recovers overseas lost cultural relics. (Editor: Job, Zhou Yuting) Sharing let more people see client download.