The future of your procuratorate, the deputy president of the Xinyi Rule of Rule of Lianjiang, Fujian.

On November 16, 2021, Lianjiang County First Middle School ushered in the new member of the school, and the party secretary of the People’s Procuratorate of Lianjiang County, and the new principal of the school rule of law. Chen Bing, the party secretary of Lianjiang County Procuratorate, Chen Bing, Secretary of Lianjiang County Committee, Zhang Zongqing, director of the county education bureau, Zheng Chengfeng, director of the county tobacco, Zheng Chengfeng, Lianjiang, president, Zheng Feng, and other leaders and Lianjiang Yizhong high school high school Ban near hundred students participated in the appointment ceremony, and all middle school students in the county participated in online live broadcast. After the appointment ceremony, Chen Bige was "the future you, procuratorial peers" new unopened special lectures.

The lecture passed the "Lianjiang County Education Bureau" WeChat public account "live platform" and "Lianjiang Online Network" to play "live platform" in the county in the county. In the rule of law, Chen Bing said that if the law is a cage, then more than 400 criminal laws are not to close our chain in the cage. Instead, it is the protection bar of danger in the cage. As a law-abiding, we are not locked by criminal law, but living outside the criminal law, avoiding traps and disasters in the cage. Chen Bing combines the cases, typical cases, surrounding the family protection, school protection, social protection, network protection, government protection, and judicial protection of the "Minor Protection Law", and explains that family protection is the foundation, and parents are minors. The first responsible person of people’s protection; the school protection is critical, responsible for shaping the future of the motherland; social protection is support, requires party committees, governments, and related departments to participate; judicial protection is guaranteed, need to be homework, school Protection, social protection together. As a political and legal organs of national legal supervision agencies and the only political and legal organs that participate in minors, they have been committed to optimizing the growth environment of minors. From the "one-stop" "one-stop", teachers’ entry inquiry The system, forced report to the supervision of supervision, and the unknown work is gradually breaking through the concerns of traditional judicial organs on a single case, and the view is placed on the height of the growth of the entire minor, supervising the relevant departments according to law, in the minor Greater and active in protection.

Next, Lianjiang County Procuratorate will carry out the "Legal Campus" activity in the "First Procuratorate Suggestion", relying on the prosecutor to serve as the deputy president system of the rule of law, continuously strengthen the safety construction of campus, escort the healthy growth of minors . (Editor: Lin Dongxiao, Zhang Zijian) Sharing let more people see client downloads.