Shijiazhuang City launched a series of initiatives to create a first-class "soft environment"

  Investing in income companies have money to earn security – the city launched a series of initiatives to create a first-class "soft environment" Recently, Hebei Bo Keli Electric Technology Co., Ltd. intends to invest hundreds of high-speed rail train subway sheet metal accessories and electrical distribution box projects, Successfully completed the land shooting. The project plans to cover an area of ??130 mu, mainly building production workshops, raw materials libraries, finished products and semi-finished products, integrated office buildings, R & D centers, exhibition centers, and other accessory facilities.

  During the construction process, the Tang County Key Project Service Center fully exerts the "Gang, Leading, Acting" and other service functions, and actively promotes the procedure of the project. Since September of this year, it has helped the project to handle registration, file, and help enterprises with bank docking, handling fund preparations; docking with the county public resource trading center, helping project enterprises to apply for land to shoot, and pay the land Put the margin and advanced the procedures for the project procedure. For the project, "shop small two" is a good "waiter" to the company. Not only in Tang County, this year, the city has firmly established "shop small two" awareness, boldly liberation, actively explore the market, the market, the market, the rule of law, internationalization, The convenience level is significantly improved.

  The municipal party committee and the municipal government attaches great importance to optimizing the business environment, mainly leadership, strongly promoted, and successfully convened a large-scale entrepreneurial symposium, talking, listening to business appeals, solving difficulties. The four major teams leaders are limited to the "five major industries", which have targeted planning, attracting, reserves a batch of scientific and technological content and high-value industrial projects, and enhances the development of development.

The city has introduced a series of policy documents such as "Optimal Environmental Environment Implementation Plan" "Further Supporting Enterprise Reform and Development Promotion and Development Promotion of Parenting Relations", and the overall promotion of business environment optimization.

  At the same time, various departments at all levels have worked together to promote the "Top Ten Special Actions", and the work has achieved new results – the reporter learned that the high-tech zone has established a "secretary through train", implement "secretary, please have breakfast" "Three visit one" system, directly understand the problem demand, quickly respond to suggestions. Bridge West District fully promotes the online office of government service, and achieves 424 full process network, and the completion rate is 98%. Luquan District Commission for Discipline Inspection Commission focused on project construction, government service environment, etc.

The Municipal Taxation Bureau created the Electronic Taxation Bureau and realized the tax "one time we don’t want to run." The Municipal Financial Bureau helps enterprises with 1264 points of financing demand, billion, and 197 passes, billion yuan. The Municipal People’s Social Security Bureau took the lead in implementing unemployment insurance to stabilize post and returned to the "exemption to exclusive", issued a stable subsidy of 87.57 million yuan, benefiting the staff.

The Municipal Ecological Environment Bureau establishes the "white list" of enterprise production and project construction to avoid environmentally friendly control "a knife cut".

  In addition, the Municipal Administrative Apprarge Bureau, the Municipal Market Supervision Bureau, the Municipal Finance Bureau, the Municipal Bureau of Commerce, the Municipal Natural Resources and Planning Bureau, have also carried out service according to their own responsibilities, respectively.

  The city highlighted the focus and promoted the industry to break through. It has been created, "Some measures to support the new generation of electronic information and biomedicine industry", supporting 13 implementation rules, and the collection of fund projects has been fully launched.

  According to reports, the city has established a leading industry development fund of 20 billion yuan, and the funds have been in place. It is docking with a number of companies. The Municipal Development and Reform Commission went deep into the Luquan District, high-tech zone and other places, and sent policies into enterprises to help companies support policy support. The implementation of these Hui En-enterprises policy, the implementation of the company’s measures, in all walks of life, have caused strong repercussions, and become the bright "business card" optimization of our municipal business environment.

  "Next, we will continue to play a good intensive coordination, highlight the policy of landing, institutional construction and participation, and promote the overall optimization of the city’s business environment with greater strength, stronger measures, better measures. Ensure that investment is effective, the company has money to earn, safe and secure.

"The Municipal Development and Reform Commission is responsible for comrades.

  Among them, focus on the development of policies interpretation and implementation rules, through the convening of press conferences, policy interpretation, improve enterprises and society’s knowledge, and accurately push policies to enterprises. Use the "Enterprise Talks" to exchange platforms, and improve the working mechanism to solve the problem of enterprises. (Reporter Wu Weide).