Don’t let bad posture hurt your health

Don’t let “bad posture” hurt your health

Core tip: There is an old Chinese saying: “It’s not as good as dumplings, it’s not as comfortable as lying down.
“It’s the most relaxing moment for many people to return home from a busy day and find a posture of” backs and backs “completely” collapsed “on the sofa or bed.
But when you pose for a good self-feeling, you are likely to be quietly caught by some diseases!
  Experts remind that the most comfortable posture does not mean the healthiest, especially the following “bad postures” that most people often commit, which requires special attention.
  1. Lie on an office chair while working.
  If you get up and walk around the office, you will find that everyone poses strangely.
The back nest is curled into a shrimp shape; the body is lying almost flat on the office chair, and the head is about to be parallel to the desktop; the person lying on the computer and holding his head up at work . Some people have summarized 15 “the most comfortable Internet postures”, of whichIt is most common to curl up in front of a computer and lie almost in a chair.
In fact, when sitting for a long time, the back, whether it is arched forward or backward, will strain the muscles and ligaments on the spine, which may cause the disc to age.
  Sitting in one posture for a long time can easily induce cervical spondylosis.
  Therefore, people who work for a long time at their desks must work for half an hour to get up and turn around; the office chair should be adjusted to the height of the thighs parallel to the ground; put a rolled towel or cushion on the back of the waist to reduce the burden on the lumbar spineFor too long, you can use your feet to step on the sewing machine, or put a tennis ball on your feet and roll it often to play a massage.
  2. There is a hump in the chest when walking, dragging the legs.
  Some people feel that having a hump on their backs and mopping their feet makes them feel “comfortable” when walking.
But in fact, this method is most likely to bring fatigue.
  With your head down, you can only stare at the path of your feet while walking, which can easily squeeze the lung space and affect your heart and lung function.
Dragging the leg can also cause damage to joints and muscles.
  If you want to get health from walking, you need to lift your head and your chest, your eyes straight up, your toes to the front, and you will naturally take a step.
You must walk lightly when walking.
You can also add some movements while walking.
For example, twisting the waist slightly can effectively “massage” the internal organs and prevent constipation; walking and rubbing the ears and slap the arms can promote blood circulation throughout the body.
  3. Stand shoulder high and shoulder low when leaning and lean on other objects.
  When you are in the mall or on the street, you will see people in various standing poses.
Some of them have their legs crossed and looked around; some have their chests and bow their heads, playing with their mobile phones; some are constantly swinging and standing, and they lean against the walls, guardrails and billboards.
  In fact, these stances are wrong demonstrations.
A crooked body will increase the tension on one side of the muscles, while leaving the other side in a relaxed state.
Standing for a long time will not only make the muscles stiff and sore, but also easily compress the spine and peripheral nerves, affecting the cardiopulmonary function.
  The correct standing posture should be a slight retraction of the chin, a slight tightening of the abdomen, and a center of gravity slightly forward.
If you need to stand for a long time, you can rest one foot on a step about 10 cm.
After a person’s middle age, his body gradually shrinks and his posture changes accordingly.
Keep your ears, shoulders, crotch, knees, and ankles on a line.
  4. I watch TV on the sofa and read a book in bed.
  The TV shows the favorite programs, lie down on the soft sofa casually, holding a lot of snacks, this comfortable life is simply synonymous with “comfortable”.
As everyone knows, the posture of curling up on the sofa will make breathing difficult, affect digestion, squeeze the internal organs, and easily cause lumbar muscle strain.
  Coupled with eating a lot of snacks, it is easy to make people gain weight unknowingly.
And people lying on the bed reading books, their backs will unknowingly slowly slide down, and some people even read the books with their heads and their bodies at a 90-degree angle.
These wrong postures not only easily cause problems in the cervical spine, but the dim lights on the bed can also affect vision.
  It is best to choose a sofa with a backrest and add a lumbar pad when watching TV to help your body sit upright.
If your body is too far back and your feet can’t land, you can use a bench.
Try not to use a laptop on the sofa or read a book on the bed. If you must read, you can put a pillow on your back, under your knees and on your thighs.Keep a distance between the book and the face.

  5. “Enjoy” sitting on the toilet.

  Too many people are used to drilling into the bathroom with a book or mobile phone and enjoying a rare toilet time alone.

A survey in the United States found that people spend an average of 35 minutes in the bathroom every day, and this time is increasing.

  42% said they like to read newspapers and books in the bathroom; 22% like to make phone calls in the bathroom; and 10.

5% will watch TV, listen to music, etc. in the bathroom.

But only sitting on the toilet will increase the burden on the lower limb veins, cause poor blood flow, stagnation in the blood vessels, and cause dizziness and brain swelling.

  Squatting and sitting for a long time can easily cause blood clots in the anal cecum and cause diseases.

  For health, it is best to control the toilet time within 3 minutes.

Try to avoid reading books and playing games.

People with constipation can place a small bench next to the toilet and raise their feet 8-10 cm when using the toilet to help defecate.

  Stand up slowly after finishing the row to avoid fainting due to orthostatic hypotension.

It is better not to lock the door for the elderly to go to the toilet. When the brake is accidental, the family can find it in time.