“Yes,I will know for a while.,That Wang Tiger should bring people out,After all, this is their industrial chain,People here are contact,Doing a regular gold card is 50,000,Ordinary people can not come。”

Li Huihe heard the red,It is also the first time I know that the top of the top is the lowest level.。
This is the most advanced.。
Wanhong, just finished,I have come over and have a great youth.,Holding a half sleeve,The muscles of the arm are like a dragon,With a knight mask,It is also revealing the nose mouth,There is no concealment in the eyes of each other.。
“handsome guy,Beauty,Do you want to play Russia to play together??
We have already group six teams.,Two teams,And we are both the best。”
Say,Youth made a pack,Let Li speak with the wind and look at his hand.。
Ten thousand people who have seen not far from the young men and women are drinking red wine,Have a laughter,Men’s one is the same as the gym.,But the woman is also very good.,Even those girls are just one stop there.,Li speaks with the wind to feel the explosive power in the body.,Body’s flexibility。
“Giggle,My sister is old.,But you can play these young people,I still like the age.,It is best to have experience,Good work on your mouth,As for men’s things,It is really no attractive to my sister.。”
Wanhong’s words can be described as very bold,Bold to let Li speak in the wind。
Two young people don’t seem to give up,After all, Wanhong is a body,Still appearance is top level。
Although the mask is blocked for half face,But Wanhong is charming eyes,People can’t reject,What’s more, youth or a bloody guy。
“Hey-hey,Sister as long as you participate,I let them all cooperate with my sister.?
When you get your sister first??”
“Cobke-up, you can damage the rules.,Little meaning,Brother, if you like your sister,I can shoot for a while.,Exchange with my sister,Sister is very happy。”
really,Wanhong,Convenient face change,Gray leaves。
And Li Hui is a little curious.。
“How is the Russian turntable??”
You want to play?”
Wanhong is a little unexpectedly looked at Li Hui。
Li Hui is satent by the eyes of each other.。
“Cough,no,I just ask,curious。”
“Gigbling very simple,The simplest is the seventh eight pairs of couples or couples.,Usually in order to solve the problem of nothing to play in Russia,Men stand around Yucheng around the turntable,Women are squatting,Blind eye,Then find someone to turn,Which man is a woman,Which man is。”
“Of course, there is more fun gameplay.,If you like it, you will understand it.。”
Although Want-red just said the Iceberg,However, Li Hui is like seeing the paper drunken.。
He didn’t even want to stay here for a moment.。
“When did Wang Tiger come out??”
“Should be fast,This is now exchanging each other,Bet better,I will exchange it for a while.,Then check the body,Will leave,Of course, most still choose to stay here.,After all, here is more safe than outside.,The Dibe is below the day.,The average person can find the entrance,Never say it is exported.。”
“Because regardless of the entrance or export, all the auctions in the third floor.。”
Finish,Wanhong is also pulling Li Hui, first find a place to sit down.。
And Li Hui is paying attention to Wang Tiger.,He is going to let the other party regret tonight。
Time a minute and one second,A batch of coming to the pairing exchange,At the beginning, it was a lot of red.,But slowly, it is gave you unfair by Li Hui Feng.。
Twelve the bells sound,All the people under the following seven seasses have stopped communicating。
After all, I heard that the pressure axis is the best in the best.。