“So beautiful you!You really want us to be a maid and a husband!”Fang Fang’s naughty smile。

Xi Zhen blushed and said:“Not to mention,If there is food here,It’s really a paradise。First quiet,No outside disturbance,Fresh air。Lack of competitive pressure,I really don’t want to go back”
“That would be nice!You stay here with Mr. Xia,I’ll get you some food and daily necessities to come in”Fang Fang said with a big smile。
Xi Zhen listened,Whispered:“you are so bad”
“All right,We are still in danger。You two think of a way to the top of the mountain,Try to contact the outside world,I make a few bows,Ready to hunt for lunch。The amount of energy must not be less,Otherwise we will be over”Xia Jian said,Took the machete and dagger on the ground,Out of the cave。
At this moment,With a dagger in his waist,Holding a machete,Really like a monkey man in a patrilineal society,No, he thinks the monkey man should not be as handsome as him,And since he is the leader,Is this woman missing?。Thought of here,Xia Jian secretly laughed。
Out of the cave,Xia Jian climbed a big tree,Quietly observing the hillside,He didn’t find any abnormalities,It seems that these people really want to trap them to death on the mountain。
If this is another person,I can’t last a day without food,Ran down the mountain early。But these few of them,Not ordinary people,Especially Fang Fang,She knows a lot of mountain survival skills。
Xia Jian observed for a while,See no movement,He got down the tree。Cut down a few small trees with excellent flexibility and flexibility,Then I found a big tree,Cut the gap with a machete,Peeled a lot of bark,Then hugged into the cave。
Fang Fang and Xi Zhen haven’t returned yet,Xia Jian got into the woods again,Cut some thicker bamboo,This is his arrow。They played like this when they were young。
Presumably primitive society,Maybe their bows and arrows are like this。When returning to the cave,Xia Jian hugged some dead branches,Pulled a very thick,The branches that have dried out。Because of the machete,It’s really not a problem for Xia Jian to pack these things。
When the lighter was found from the fat man just now,Just made Xia Jian happy。Although Fang Fang knows how to make fire,But compared to this thing,Is it too far from the time?。
When Fang Fang and Xi Zhen return,,Xia Jian has started a fire,Started making his bow and arrow。
“how about it?Is there a signal??”Xia Jian did the work at hand,While asking。
Fang Fang sighed and said:“Bad signal,This mountain may be too far away from the signal source!Just can’t get through,Finally got through,I stopped talking before I came”
“forget it!It seems that the way to contact the outside world is no longer available。Let’s just stick to it,Save these pots of water,It should last for a day or two without a problem。There are many wild animals in the mountains,I’m not starving us for the time being“Xia Jian took a deep breath and said。