Liao Wenjie shakes his head,Send three times again,Different,This Huang Dafu sends a doctor to delay time too long,It is really not saved.。

Street,Huang Dafu’s wife heard the news to the scene,Get a batch of female relatives and friends,Blocking the sedan and small jade dispute。
Small jade fighting force is amazing,A fight,Put a group of shrews without a powerful。
“A yellow woman,Cheng Tianzhu,I can’t see men, I will come over.,Our Yixiangyuan is trading,Taxin is good!There is also your man,The old lady knows,One by one is also a chicken!”
Extremely harmful,It is also very insulting,战 upgrade,As a sound‘he~~tui’Order gun,Do not be opened on the spot。
It’s very strange to say,Obviously a woman fight,Male players in the battle but more,Especially the small jade,Several passers-by。
Li Xiuyuan shook his head again,It’s been so long.,Actually no one cares about the yellow rich,Sigh:“Underground day,Men’s non-self,Female can’t love,Not a little shame,Live you are thundered。”
Miles clear sky,No boundless clouds come together,A flattle thunder,咔嚓 劈 劈 缘。
“Be desperate!”
Domestic insurance wipes death line,Li Xiuyuan used a mouthful of mouth,Wipe off the head,I want to escape from the place, but I find that the leg feet are soft.,Ru Wenjie next to the next。
“Jiege,Come over and pull me,My legs are numb.。”
Finish,Didn’t see any movement around you,Look at the head,Liao Wenjie runs back to the doctor,I haven’t shadowed.。
“I rely on,Is this a loyalty?!”
Li Xiuyuan stunned,Looking up at the sky,Discuss:“God,You also saw it,So many people should,Trouble you,Don’t hurt a good person。”

Glossy,Lightning directly hits Li Xunyuan,Black smoke explodes。
People who are quarreling,Scared and scream,I’m too bad, I’m too much.,Several turn ran and didn’t work,Only Huang Dafu is moving from the end.,Quiet lying on the bed。
“Dragon Luohan appeared,Square!”
Li Xiuyuan……Do not,It is the dragon Luohan recess.,Take the fireworks and fire hairstyle, just doing,I looked at the direction of the small jade wolf.。
“Nine-life chicken,I still have a big matter today.,Go to you again。”
Say,He stepped into the security guard,拽 痴 痴 痴 痴 痴 痴,Movement:“A Tiger,To help me,You have turned this.,Good brother,I am not still owying your money.。”
Liao Wenji folding fan,Frown:“Rumor,Are you sketched??”
“You got the wrong person,Li Xiuyuan is me,But I am not Li Xianyuan……”
The dragon has returned to a word,Drag the tiger to go outside the house,After three seconds,He folded back,Looking at Liao Wenjie:“Big brother,I have to go.,Why don’t you stop me??”
“This is said,Consciousness,Why do I want to stop you??”
“Stop pretending,I understand。”
Dragon, fireworks, fireworks,Bamboo laugh at the chest:“You a land god,No reason to open a doctor in the city,Also close with my relationship with me,It is definitely that he received the wind to come over to help me.,right?”
“Trouble together,Go out left,I will not send it here.。”
“No way,Shouldn’t you?!”
See Liao Wenjie’s standing experience,Dragon raises his hand,The more it is more chaotic,The more you don’t have a shortness,I have to admit that I haven’t imagined my life in the sky.。
“嘿嘿 嘿……”
Dragon Eyeball,Stick to the front:“Since you all see,Then I don’t want you.,Be right,I am a dragon Luohan.。”
Liao Wenjie nodded,Look at the low energy of the door,No-speechless:“Do you still want to say,He is your good brother, volts Luo Ran?”
“Uh,About A Tiger,It’s more。”
Dragon is scratched,Half a sentence:“Big brother,Stop pretending,Others don’t believe him is a volts,You are not ordinary people,Why do you have to make it?。”
“Brother,Don’t make confused,You see you two,One than a sly cracked dates,Founded in the pig team friend, find God’s opponent。”
Liao Wenjie sighed:“I General Tongtong A land god,Fine arm thin leg,Shoulders can’t pick,Handless,Blending and entering must definitely be unlucky,Don’t you make your dutiful??”