Chapter Nineteen Third test
Looking at the old murloc,There is no hesitation in Li Ming’s heart。
Looking at each other without saying a word,Li Ming took the initiative to ask。
“What is the third test?”
The old murloc took a look with his almost dry eyes,Asked rhetorically:“Your divine body level has reached the third level, right,How many times the gene is?”
“Ninety-six thousand times,This third test is related to genes?!”Li Ming said。
“Is it?。I can tell you,The second stage tests your heart and will so hard,The purpose is for the third purpose!”
“look!”The old murloc waved his hand,Three hundred and sixty images emerge。
“These ones。。。Gene map?”Li Ming glanced away。
“Yes,It’s three hundred and sixty pictures that are almost the ultimate,99999Ploidy map,Involving flesh and blood、Plant life、Energy life、Metal life、Rock life、The six major categories of mechanical life have different branches。”
Even if the same kind of life,Its genes may also be very different。Like flesh and blood,Human race,Most demons,The flesh and blood genes are actually quite similar。But the flesh and blood genes of the Zerg are very different from them。And some special lives,There is immortality in the flesh and blood genes,More special。
These,Li Ming has been extremely thorough when he created the life race。
“And these nine pictures,Is an incomplete,Fragmented Flesh Life Gene Diagram。”Murloc old man continues,Nine pictures thrown。
“According to general experience,The highest level of genes is close to 100,000 times,But my master once had a big chance,He told us,One hundred thousand times the genetic level is achievable,This is the fourth level of the divine body,Of course there are theoretically higher levels of genetic blood,But it is not touchable by the main level of the law。”
“And theoretically,The ultimate level of perfection that can be achieved by the master of the law,Is the fourth layer of the god body,If you reach this level,Your future will be limitless。”
“These nine pictures,Implied,All guessed by the owner,Achieve perfection,Which is one hundred thousand times the genetic level。”
Although these nine pictures are incomplete,But the perfect rhythm contained in it makes Li Ming feel heartbroken。
“Energy works perfectly,No more than,Not missing a trace,And the energy is constantly changing”。