Because this is obviously something someone leaked Qin Feng brought,If there is no proper explanation,Qin Feng will give them an explanation。

Qin Feng is not a good talker,Especially at this time,It’s even more impossible for him to show any mistakes。
It’s the first time Huang Zhihua has encountered such a thing,All he can do is to silently appear beside Qin Feng。
“This matter is our negligence,To express our apologies,This time all your auction items,We don’t make any commission,This is our reward,Don’t know if you are satisfied?”
Huang Zhihua also said helplessly,He also doesn’t know how these guys know that Qin Feng has a baby,But this matter is already regarded as a security threat。
Otherwise today is Qin Feng,Who knows what will happen?
How difficult it is to accumulate credibility,That is unimaginable。
Qin Feng didn’t care about these,Anyway, he is responsible for letting Huang Zhihua know。
No matter what the situation,The other side will always have a result。
Huang Zhihua did not live up to Qin Feng’s trust,Suddenly it was found out that Huang Zhihua’s organization was eating inside and out,A person in charge was erased。
In the evening, Qin Feng also received a call and detailed address,So he also drove a motorcycle there。
Actually,Everyone going to that place,The most shabby one should be Qin Feng。
But what does this have to do,Anyway, Qin Feng also said something,I can get the benefit here,The auction was held inside a villa。
When Qin Feng just entered,He thought he was wrong。
Many people are