[Baby can eat meat floss every month]_ meat floss _ children _ how to eat

[Baby can eat meat floss every month]_ meat floss _ children _ how to eat

Babies often experience symptoms of anemia during breastfeeding, mainly due to insufficient iron intake, so it is very important to add some complementary foods to the baby, so can the baby eat floss each month?

Add some meat foods to your baby, you can add iron, sometimes it is said that the iron content in lean meat is very high, you can add some meat floss when you add complementary food, pay attention when you addHow old a baby can eat floss.

How old a baby can be to eat meat floss Six months later, when the baby adds supplementary food, you can give the baby some meat floss and add it to porridge.

Your baby’s diet needs to be adjusted in a balanced and comprehensive manner, and often the baby will eat different tricks.

It is also good to give babies some meat floss, but in the process of making meat floss, the nutrition will be reduced, especially the meat floss that is purchased in the supermarket. Most of them are added with some pigments or preservatives, so make meat floss for babiesIt is best to buy fresh and high-quality meat and make it for your baby at home. This is safer and more reliable.

Method for making pork floss 1. Pickle the meat, wash the tenderloin and cut into 2 cm cubes (it is not recommended to cut them too small, because the back involves shredded shredded pork, which is too small to make), slice ginger, Put it in the meat, in order to better remove fishy, grab it with your hand for about 5 minutes, then seal the plastic wrap and let it stand for 1-2 hours (it can be left in the spring and autumn indoors, put it in the refrigerator in winter and summer and keep it fresh)Right).

To make flavoured meat floss, marinate the seasoning with this replacement.

2. To cook the meat, add water to the pan, and put the marinated meat in. The ginger slices do not need to be removed.

Then combine the boiled meat with water, pour the ginger slices into the pressure cooker, and cook in the meat mode.

For those who have added the seasoning, after the pressure cooker is cooked, continue to pour it into the saucepan and collect the soup on high heat until the soup is completely absorbed.

3, tear the meat, (the most painful wound) cool the cooked meat, and then began to tear, I first tear with pure hands, too tired, and later someone said that you can put the meat in a fresh-keeping bagYou can use a rolling pin or you can use a medicine pestle to poke. You can try it and see if it is more suitable.

4, wash the frying pan clean, do not put anything, heat the pan off the small fire, add the shredded pork, remember that pork shreds in the pot, people do not go away, or keep stirringWhen the shreds are dry, discolored, turn off the heat, and let cool.

5. Shattering Pour the dried shredded pork into the cooking machine and shatter it. You can beat it for a while, the finer it is, the better.

6. Roast again, and shredded meat floss should be poured into a frying pan (the frying pan is heated well in advance). Turn off the low heat, stir quickly, dry the water vapor, and let it cool down.

If you feel that there is still a bigger piece of shredded pork, you can put the prepared pork into a fresh-keeping bag and roll it with a rolling pin, which is very effective.