Chapter 304 fairy painting

  Two weeks later, Jane season out experience.Not long after his broken soul cards, Qi Yufeng heard the news of his fall.
  Heng Yu heard the news, calling the system “This is just great, you were sealed in those functions will soon be re-opened.”
  [Ooo, ooo zero, I was soon able to help you]
  Heng Yu smiled lightly, “Well, the future depend on you.”Silly system hey, do not think about it, she had it on before it, it obviously had been following her lying win.
  The system is flatter confidence that in mind Heng-yu of wallowing excited for several days.
  Three years later, Yu Heng just completely restored to the strength of the late God, to stand in the top of the continent.
  Although things the first time in years, but in return a value of jade made and no different past, Taiwan molestation trial went leisure martial art of children, can and qi outer door disciple of talk for a long time, will alone world sentiment Avenue.
  After this day, Heng Yu sitting in a tree, lying half-open books, perceived Qi Yufeng there strange, slowly sit up – that someone wants to carry the Yuan Ying mine robbed fluctuations.
  Each of the main peak have been moved, the direction of standing in the air Looking Qi Yufeng.After degenerated era, you want to step into Yuan Ying, the period of God is more and more difficult, even if the return is a heritage, every extra Yuan Ying monks are also worthy of happy things.
  Qi Yufeng over a man sitting cross-杭州桑拿洗浴legged, eyes closed, holding a sword, waiting to fall above the mine robbery.
  Separated by vast distances, Heng-yu still see clearly,To cross the Yuan Ying mine who is robbed Liu Ling.
  She turned eye in the sky, looking behind Liu Ling air transport gold, gold has been found in thin air transport, even smaller than the body of the air transport Ke Sheng strong.
  Brewing for a long time down the mine robbery, were baptized Liu Ling, if through the mine robbery, will be able to become a monk Yuan Ying detached Avenue on longevity, if defeated in mine robbed a fate only Xingshenjumie.
  But Liu Ling obviously very strong, decades achievements of Yuan Ying, a rate of return on such history is one of very few people, absolutely deserve the “shock only change my life,” words.
  Liu Ling others crowd crossing the mine robbery, robbery mine found his only achievement, for he did not have a particularly big threat.And after Yu Heng open eye in the sky, but saw others do not see the scene.