ade a very heavy wounds, blood flows directly over the ground.He did not seem to know the same pain, blankly sitting among the ruins.

  Zhangya Juan to see this pair of bloody scene when, after shocked irritability twist from the brow, could not resist a dig them: “It appears you are tired of books and heard the news Gu Ji Zhou Zhou to get married a?This can not stand, so they really get married that day, is not it want to be dead?”
  Zhang funding strand breaks because he himself lose control of the Zhang, together with Shen Ye recently more and more impatient with himself, but refused to touch her before, now is not willing to even look to see her, even if she wanted to fool ourselves, there is no way did.
  The man, from start to finish is in the use of their own, it has been.Zhangya Juan Henji him, so he has chosen not willing to di都市兔兔体验网vorce, but now he is so Hao Zhao.
  ”roll.”Shen wild without looking up.
  Zhangya Juan sneer: “You are my man, my lawful husband, I am now in my office lawful husband, why should leave?”
  Shen Ye meal, looked riveted to her lips brought back a long while: “I will soon file for bankruptcy, you have to determine with me?”
  ”You’re kidding, how you might go bankrupt.”Zhangya Juan some panic.
  Shen wild mockery at her: “Even if not bankruptcy, there are books in the care of tired, I even think about a comeback, so you are willing to follow me waste my life, never to be trampled underfoot season Zhou Zhou?”
  Zhangya Juan was poked in the mind, immediately furious: “I am Miss Zhang Jiada, Zhou Zhou season she is a mistress, than with what I?!”
  ”In less than a month’s time, she is Ms. Gu, and what you should say to her than.”Shen Ye 苏州桑拿网calm facial features.
  Zhangya Juan crimson eyes, was about to curse, Shen Ye slowly opening: “But if you become Ms. Gu, it is not the same.”
  Zhangya Juan moment, then frowned: “What do you mean?”
  ”Three days later style hotel has a business cocktail party, to when he will take part, if you want, I can help you.”S