hi the same, she said these words, the moment came to mind, “That, then trouble you, but the students out limited training funds, only eighteen dollars per person per day in subsidies, we should stay and eat and drink all gotten involved, you can see it?If your guest house is too北京养生会所 expensive, we can only go to the county or surrounding village Zhaolao Xiang staying up.”

  ”eighteen?This subsidy is a bit less.”Gu Xuanzhi in mind forget about this account, that will not lose it myself, so I agreed down” into day eight, I pack your day accommodation and three meals.”
  ”But words can get ahead of the good, fitted sheets and pillowcases not change every day, and you live in from the start counting until you check out to leave the hostel, each set of linens pillowcases only, do not be so awkward toss.”
  ”Dinner, then, in the morning porridge bread buns of an additional Da Guocai, noon dip bread or rice dishes, noodle is no way to do it, so many of you are alone and have to face in the morning and a dinner, then, almost porridge bread is bread, the specific circumstances of the day to see what ingredients can it?”
  Professor Niu Xiu He nodded, “can.”Although a little expensive, but barely can be considered a sub-price of stoc北京会所体验网k.
  In time to come, Professor Niu Xiu I have carefully looked over Guxuan Zhi said that the guest house, the outside looked quite new, inside decoration should also worse than where to go.
  As Guxuan Zhi said that three meals a day, is already very good, many students in the school cafeteria to eat, are reluctant to eat such a rich dish.
  Authors have something to sayThe ah?”
  ”A gift.”Gu Mian said laughingly.
  Liu Yingying rub eyes light up, lowered his voice: “Teacher Li?”
  Gu sleep shallow smile, not a positive response.
  ”Wow, J family brooch!