Hangzhou Xiaoshan: Cultural steward helps "the spirit of the spirit"

"One, two, three, walk, smile, and straight …" Recently, many residents are studying dance courses here in the dance room on the second floor of the comprehensive cultural station of Xintang Street, Xiaoshan District, Hangzhou.

As a cultural steward here, Chen Yingbin will arrange various training courses for residents every day. Opera, waist drums, calligraphy and painting, chorus … The cultural life of the villagers is full. With the cultural steward, the transformation of Xintang Street is real.

In 2020, the ranking of the cultural work in the street jumped from the county to the middle and upstream; the cultural expenses invested in the street for one year also rose from the original hundreds of thousands of yuan to 5 million yuan. Since the end of 2018, Xiaoshan District has purchased public cultural services from social forces to solve problems such as lack of professional talents, high service efficiency, and difficulty in satisfying the needs of the masses.

Cultural butler refers to the specific cultural service professionals assigned to the grass -roots level. They provide the masses to provide the public’s cultural services, including the planning and organization of cultural activities, the training of literary and artistic training, and the construction of mass cultural teams. In the past three years, 26 cultural housekeepers have helped more than 460 local planning cultural activities, set up 532 cultural teams, exceeded 10,000 hours of art training, and served more than 500,000 people.

With the promotion of the cultural steward project in Hangzhou, more service companies participate in this innovative public cultural service model, and build personalized services to the local area according to different needs of each county (city, district).

A "Code for Cultural Manager Service" issued by the Hangzhou Market Supervision and Administration Bureau includes seven categories and dozens of small items to "escort" the quality of the project. At present, this specification has been released as local standards in Hangzhou.

"Promoting the Social Operation Management Model of Cultural Butler ‘" was also written into the "Implementation Plan for High-quality Development and Construction Combined Wealth Demonstration Zone (2021-2025)". (Responsible editor: Zhang Fan, Kang Mengqi) Share let more people see recommended reading.