ABC Hunan Branch struggled to write financial services "three rural" new chapters

People’s Network Changsha On November 26th, China Bank Hunan Branch always adheres to the "three rural" responsibilities mission, and continues to transport "financial live water" for agricultural rural development. Since this year, the bank combines party history education and service rural resolution, actively supports the consolidation of the effective connection, focusing the local specialty industry, implementing differentiated financial services policies, and vigorously carrying out financial products and service model innovation, and vigorously carry out financial products and services. Strive to write a new chapter of the financial services "three rural". As of the end of October, the county loan balance was 225.4 billion yuan, with a net increase of 34.6 billion yuan from the beginning of the year, an increase of 18%. "Industry + Finance" Active Exploration Service Country Revitalization New Path Hunan is one of China’s key tea provinces, and the tea production is the second place in the country, and there is "tea towns". ABC Hunan Branch launched the "Multicolored Hunan Tea", supporting tea industrial chain planting, processing, storage, sales and other links.

This year, the trip is put on "Multicolored Xiang Tea" billion yuan, helping the tea industry to become the "golden leaf" of Hunan Rural Revitalization.

The Agricultural Bank of China Hunan Branch takes a key enterprise as a starting point, and the financial services will extend to the industrial chain. Extend the industry cluster, focus on Hunan tea, edible oil, aquatic products, fruit, Chinese herbal medicine, bamboo wood and other advantages. Industry, supporting the 248 industrialized leading enterprises and its industrial chain customers, and the balance of the Long Ping, the balance of Long Ping, the balance of the Long Ping, the balance of the loan is 9.8 billion; the innovation launches unsecured "seed loan" exclusive product, and 24 key points Comprehensive cooperation, accumulating loans of 5.6 billion yuan; serving the development of food and live pig industry, innovation launches "pig farm loans", current food, pig loans 6.1 billion yuan, net increase of 1.4 billion yuan in the year. "Decrease + Lend" is Sanxiang Dadi irrigated financial live water in the southeastern part of Hunan Province, the agricultural county in Hunan Province, this year, local Agricultural Bank far-traveled in the field of agriculture, with "Farmers Information Technology + Hui Nong e loan "as the starting point, the joint local government" The Town Promotion "" All Village Promotion " Billion, the balance is doubled, and the romantic injection of financial live water is revised. Provide financial power for farmers’ smelling loans, is a microcosm of the revitalization of the rural China Branch of the Agricultural Bank of Hunan Branch.

In recent years, the ABC Hunan Branch continues to promote "Hui Nong E-loan" pure credit line loan business, innovation launches more than 30 special products such as "food loan" "smoke farmers and loan" "oil tea loans". In April this year, the Agricultural Bank of China Hunan Branch and Hunan Provincial Agricultural Rural Hall signed a comprehensive promotion of rural revitalization strategic cooperation agreements, and branches and local governments jointly organized financial services rural revitalization promotion, and political and silver joined hands to promote "the whole town promoted" " Promote, using the Internet, large data to integrate farmers credit information and financing needs, and open the financial services "last kilometer".

At present, the Hui farmers E-loan balance is 15.1 billion yuan, a net increase of 6.3 billion yuan from the beginning of the year, and the growth rate is reached. "Digital + Finance" Action Broadensing Rural Service Channel System, Shatzhou Village, Yucheng County, is a "half quilt" story, and the ABC Hunan Branch relys local human environment and financial ecology to create a container demonstration village. The village Zhu Xinliang operates a small selling department in the local area. Last year, he passed the ABC’s silver, and the "Hui Nong E-loan" "was released, expanded its business scale, and opened a restaurant next to the small-selling department. With the development of the tourism industry in the village, his small-selling department and visit business are getting more and more popular. The Agricultural Bank of Agricultural Bank will be set to Huidong Integrated Financial Services Station, and the villagers can come to the village to handle the basic financial services such as transfer, social security payment, which is convenient for local villagers.

It is understood that the ABC Hunan Branch accelerates the promotion of digital transformation, in-depth implementation of "Jinsui Hui Rongfang" project, preferably in key regions such as the development of the town, urban village, upgrade the rural financial basic service channel system, and use digital technology to promote financial services Further sinking towards the country, constantly enriching the "financial + life" scene, further supporting farmers, Hui Nong, and farmers.

At present, there have been 1313 Hui Nongfang Comprehensive Service Station, and 219 in the contained villages, 30,000 Huandong Electronic Machines in rural areas, and the administrative village coverage rate is 97%.

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