Deployment to carry out "I do practical things for the masses" practice activities

  Xinhua News Agency, on April 5, recently, the party history learning education leadership group issued "I" I "I" I have the practice of "I do practical things" for the masses "to do" I do practical things "practice activities for the masses". .

  "Notice" pointed out that "I have to do practical things for the people" practice activities, to be guided by Xi Jinping’s new era of Chinese characteristics, put the study party history, the reality, and promote work, carry forward the party’s glorious tradition , Good style, practice the party’s initial mission, fundamental purpose, strengthen public servant awareness, for the people’s feelings, play the grassroots party organization battle fortress role, party member pioneering model and party members’ leading cadre, combined with all walks of life, based on their own job Serving the people, starting from the most difficult people, starting from the most prominent questions, starting from the most realistic interests, solving the difficult things of the grassroots, the people’s troubles, and strengthen the safety of the people Sense, Incentive to all the people of the whole party to struggle to fully build a new process of building a socialist modernization in the whole world.

  "Notice" emphasizes that it is necessary to focus on the key tasks, and focus on implementing the new development concept to do practical things. Let the masses share high-quality development results, share high quality happiness life; consolidate to expand the expansion of poverty achievements to do practical things, build beautiful and pleasant, business people And the socialist new countryside; focus on ensuring the practical things of the grassroots people’s livelihood, promote children’s education, learn to teach, work, the disease has medical treatment, the old people, live, and help New progress; vigorously deepen government service reform, improve people’s private practical things, improve processes, standardized approval behaviors, improve work efficiency; focus on promoting real things in the grassroots governance system and governance ability, and resolve contradictory disputes in the grassroots level, and create harmonious and stable in the grassroots . "Notice" emphasizes that it is necessary to visit the people’s vocabarism as the first step in "I do practical things for the people". Organize party members and cadres to go deep into the grassroots, in-depth production lines, in-depth units, in-depth work service objects, and listen to people’s livelihood need.

It is necessary to focus the masses reflect the common problem and the universal problems of the concentration, focus on the difficult problem of developing the pain, focusing on the long-standing people’s livelihood history, and researching and implementing the key projects of "I am doing practical" for the masses. "

A group of policy initiatives that are conducive to consolidating the expansion of poverty, comprehensively promote the revitalization of rural resolution, launch a group of real tricks for the people of the people, implement a batch of project projects that directly benefit people, solve a group of damage to the masses Contradictory disputes. We must deepen the job and volunteer service activities, drive social forces and the majority of people to participate actively, improve digital intelligent service levels, and promote the formation of party organizations to focus on all levels, the majority of party members are active, the people and the people actively participate in a good situation . "Notice", party organizations at all levels should strengthen organizational leadership, study the list of key people’s livelihood projects, coordinate the promotion of key work tasks; pay attention to the implementation of classification level, for different areas, different fields, different levels of party organizations; Strengthen promotional guidance, in-depth report of party central decision-making and work requirements, fully reflect the experience practices and actual results of the grassroots level;

It is necessary to force the formalism, bureaucracy, pay attention to the grassroots reduction, and do good things, do practical things, and do the masses.

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