Over 11 billion kWh, Huadian Fuqing sea wind power project full capacity grid power generation

  Yesterday morning, Huadian Fuqing Haika Strait offshore wind power project 46 wind turbines achieve full capacity grid power generation, 5 months in advance than the planning period. Huadian Fuqing Haibang Strait offshore wind power project is the key construction project of our province, with a total investment of about 6 billion yuan, installed capacity MW, annual power generation is about 100 million kilowatts, saving 10,000 tons per year, reducing carbon dioxide emissions about 10,000 tons . It is reported that the full capacity is grunged from the net, marking the new sailing of China Huadian’s 100 billion new energy development in our province – Huadi New Energy Development Co., Ltd.

The company is registered in Fuzhou, which is a platform company that is injected into China Huadian’s national scenery, which has been injected into 23.4 million kilowatts, 180 billion assets.

Next, the company will actively promote the listed work, build the world’s largest new energy listed enterprises, and invest in the new energy of the country, to develop new energy, play the radiation of leading enterprises, and help Fujian energy industries, especially wind power Industrial Development.

  The picture shows Huadian Fuqing sea wind power project wind farm. (Reporter Zharmai correspondent Xia Mei Yu Zou Xiaoqing / map).