The anti-pharmaceutical drug listing is from the classic celebrity

  This newspaper Beijing Electric (Reporter Wang Junping) "Inheriting the Classic Celebration, Innovative Pharmaceutical Pharmacy – the Wet Division of Varisonous Particle Products" has been held in Beijing.

Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, President Huang Yuqi, President of China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences, said that the product of the residue of residual and seventh diseases is a carrier of the anti-vlotrophic results. Listed by the wet and dampness, open up a road to comply with traditional Chinese medicine laws, reform the examination and approval system of traditional Chinese medicine, has milestone. Since the new crown pneumonia epidemic, the wet and dioxist is the first batch of national Chinese medicine medical teams in the Wuhan anti-vulcus, and the results of the effective square drugs and restrictions are transformed. One, is included in the sixth, seventh and eighth editions of the national new coronary virus pneumonia diagnosis and treatment. The residual and dampness particles are also one of the Chinese medicine compound preparations in my country’s first batch of complete independent intellectual property rights. On March 2, the State Food and Drug Administration issued an announcement, approve the "tripartite" listing including the wet-poisoned particles, which is beneficial to the major reform of China’s Chinese medicine evaluation system.

The National Food and Drug Administration is approved by the special approval process, which is the first time after the Classification of Chinese Medicine Registration and the Classification of Traditional Chinese Medicine, that is, other ancient classic celebrities. Chinese medicine compound preparation.

  Sun Da, deputy director of the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine, said that "the tripartite" represented by the resurgence of viral particles is the clinical efficacy of Chinese medicine in the epidemic, accumulating the full recognition of scientific data. The system system and policy environment of traditional Chinese medicine have been more perfect, and the ability of traditional Chinese medicine has further highlights, the health services of traditional Chinese medicine can be sexually high, the attention of the whole society, the recognition of the people is remarkable.