Ru Retrieving CBA: Double kill Suzhou Beijing Shougang is aiming after two games

  China Youth Daily Beijing October 27 (Zhongqing News · Zhongqing Net Reporter Yang Wei) 86:69, Beijing Shougang men’s basketball team completed the Suzhou men’s basketball season tonight Double kill, the goal of the team is aimed at the back of the two enemies: Qingdao and Shanghai.

  Zhang Cairen defended the cover in the game.

Visual China is a second confrontation of the Suzhou men’s basketball season, and the game in the first time of the two sides, there is no two, due to the strength, the coach, Yasis is more calm on the troops in the troops – He I have sent Zhang Cairen very early, the purpose is to let the hurt, Xiao Xiaoxuan, can have more rest time in this suspense, in addition to this, the teenager Yang Ali, and Yizheng also got an appearance time. For team members, it is important to maintain a good game mentality in such a game. The whole game is very worthy of being, no matter who is present, the overall defensive strength of the team maintains a good level, and finally points, more than 1 point than the first round. Raymond is in the game.

Visual China is deployed in the game, and the first steel men’s basketball team will sign up to 12 people. In addition to Zhou Yi Xiang, there are also credits, Tianyu Xiang and Fan Zi Ming have won the team’s highest 14 points, and the team has sent 24 assists.

  After this game, the Shougang men’s basketball team was first in battle with Qingdao men’s basketball team. Although the opponent performance was general, the team’s overall strength is still good, the inside and outside is a good strength player. On Sunday, the first steel men’s basketball team will face the old opponent Shanghai team. In the previous confrontation, the first steel men’s basketball team defeated the opponent, and the team of Li Chunjiang was revenge. Editor in charge: Cao Jing.