Quanzhou Taihang Investment Zone: Party Branch is built on the carving "chain"

Original title: Quanzhou Taihang Investment Area: The Party Branch is built in the carving "chain" recently, in the conference room of the Straits of the Taiwanese Plantard Investment Zone, the party members of the park carved merchants are considering the party generation The spirit of will discuss it. Hen Wenhui, secretary of the party branch of the park carving association, said: "The Provincial Party Congress reported that the focus of economic development is in the entity economy, and makes a big strong drainage economy, further promoting private economic development, which blows to the people of private enterprises Roade the assembly number, we have to rive your strength and make the entity economy.

"Quanzhou Taihang investment area has more than 30,000 employees in the carving industry. In recent years, the Taihang investment area has improved the engraving skill industry chain, built the branch of the Carving Association," Chain "," Party Building + Talent + Industry "is the main line, strive to do a good job in industrial chain, innovation chain, value chain article, transform the party’s organization advantage, talent advantage into development advantages, to continue to develop" red kinetic energy "for the development of the carving industry.

  Quanzhou City Communications Cultivation Culture Industrial Park Investment Co., Ltd. Pan Shaobin, the head of the investment operation department, said that under the guidance of the superior party organization, the industrial park is organized and jointly, the party membership, the resource share, the industry, and the education, The party building "eight joint" mechanism of cadre joints, work jointly, and activities is a starting point, leading to promotion project construction through party construction.

At the beginning of the park, it is eye-catching and promoting high quality development in the industry.

The Party Branch of the Association takes the implementation of the carving demonstration project, establishes a conventional system, strengthening the supervision of industry access, and launches "party member demonstration store" and "high-level talent shop" to create activities to demonstrate "one store" demonstration Drive the prosperity of business districts. At present, the park "Zhang Sakura" has been awarded the national geographic logo to prove the trademark and selected a list of national "non-material cultural heritage", and the products sold more than 120 countries and regions. (Editor: Chen Lanyan, Zhang Zijian) Sharing let more people see client downloads.