Even a few hours, etc.,Dare to sneak into the light day。

“Is he crazy!”
The mainstream of the city stood up。
“Do not,He is not crazy。”
No sound,A bright eyes of a pair of eyes,“He seated his true body of his body.,Also closed the sea contest……He wants to sneak with the strength of the flesh。”
what!!Everyone was in the field。
Well-known,The power of the military itself,From two points。
Real and my mind!The role of my mind can not only replace the eyes,And it is available,Try to find any subtle。
The real yuan is not more used.,That is power、Secretation、Source of the secret。
Lack this,There is no difference between the warrior and ordinary people.!Or,There are no such people throughout the martial arts.。
A broader step,Even the whole world,There http://www.xinchudz.cn is no real ordinary person!In other islands,Other continent,Even a martial art,Ordinary people in people’s mouth,In fact, there is also a must。
Wussey、Martial arts、Martial artist、Wu Zong、Wu Wang、Linghai、Lingtai、life and death、God、Gantry、Prison。
Even if the people who have no talent,Can also practice Wu Shijing,I can mix a mortuary。
The essence of the world is like this,The heavens and the earth are a part of the heavens and the earth.。
Unproted people,Can also produce gas sensing,Through Turning……Just finally didn’t make a achievement.。
“Wu shadow,Why do he do this??”
Everyone watched,The summer is poor in summer,It turned out to be successful.。
No alarmed any sword。
I feel some incredible。
Their vision,It is positioned by the token on the summer.。
So in the summer,Distinguish two team swordsman crossed,Distance is very close。
But the sword is no perception。
“Very simple,Because we have any secret secrets,Ability to converge itself,But the breath fluctuations will still spread out in a way we are difficult to understand.,Forming disturbance information,As a result,Ambiguous,Slightly careful,Can notice different。”
Wu Ying’s eyes are getting more and more bright,“But blocked the real yuan,Close the words of the sea,Any breath fluctuation will not spread out。”
“Don’t you say,Summer is now completely with the strength of the flesh?
No sense of mind……What is the difference between him and the blind?。”
Regardless of life or practice,Conception for the war,Just like a kind of instinct sensation。
Equivalent to an organ that you can’t see。
No sense of mind,Just as a blind man、Deafness。
Can be in the picture,Summer is like a ghost,With the strength of the flesh, in the valley。
Sudden,He suddenly changed,Flashing behind a strange stone。
A team of swordsman appeared in the fog on the right side,One of the love, sweeping the four sides。
They didn’t see it.,Behind the strange stone separated from his own three meters,One man is quiet。
Just in this team of swordsman,There is no delay in the http://www.syhaoda.cn summer.,Agility like a cheetah,Head has not returned。