Assume it,Become your own,Gao Biyi’s inner waters will not stop anyone,He has an unsolicible persistence on the queen.。

Even the other party will yield if it is required to ask,In the future, he can let the solo gamro!In addition to the Queen of Li Tan,Other positions can be selected by Shanleo!
But his respect and love of Shanleo, but it is really affection for him. He admires this female and persistent.,Loyalty to marriage。
Mad, forcibly occupying each other,It is completely ridiculous to ridicule,It’s entirely because it is the rebound caused by the other party humiliation.。
Gao Bao is very proud,He sleeps,Why did you use a strong?Even if I used a trick oppression, it has high.,That is also to let the other side of the wide coat。
His Gao Bao is crossing this world.,Why taste the dog?Ambitious,How can I allow a woman to treat him as a self-satisfaction??
It’s the beauty that I can’t help but enjoy the solitary,It’s better to be really stimulated.。
Anyway, now Shanleo has been asleep by him.,Things have come to this step,Almost unable to clean up,I want to make the other party’s income into a wife.,It is almost impossible to do it.。
“Ugh,The impulse is the devil.。”
At this moment, Gao Bi is very regretful.,For a refreshment,Always lose the opportunity to get to Shanleo。
As a proud man,He regretted is like a knife。
“this late,where are you going?”
Gao Boyi suddenly found that Shanleo standing at the entrance of the room,Carry a burden,Holding a child Yang Yong in his arms。
“I as a daughter-in-law of Yang Jia,Don’t go home for the mourning,What do you think should I do??”
Shanleo calm reply。
“But Yang Jia is still very dangerous!And the servants are running,Who will give you a meal??”
Gao Bo Yi asked with concern。
What are the two people?,Confused, Shanleo, also took the initiative to kiss Gao Baoyi,At this moment, the two have no more words.。
Their relationship becomes very distorted,Common people are difficult to understand。
“Gao Baoyi,In fact, sleep with you once.,As early as my expectation,In other words,Can you bear it for so long?,I am very admired.。”
Shanle gado put Yang Yong to bed,Staring with Gao Baoyi,Gentle road:“No need to self-blame,In fact, if I want to resist,I was also resistant at the time.。
Just my heart is also the meat.,Since you want,I will give it to you.,After all, my body is not expensive.。Who let you take care of me??
Honestly, it is not bad by you.,I don’t have to cheat myself.,I am also a woman.,I am really conquer by you today.。
However, we can only be friends.,Just when we are in the wine today.,it’s already over。
I am going home to continue to be my widow.,Since you have reached your wish,Don’t think about me again.,After all, I have tasted it. Isn’t it?,People can’t be greedy。
I have something to come to you later.,We are also friends。
But don’t do some unrealistic fantasies.,Let me be your ban on your ban。
Take a woman,I believe that with your business,Hand is not a problem,Don’t stare at me, solitary, don’t let it.?
Render benevolence,I solve Shanleo hopes to end from one,Why do you have to force??”
Gao Baoyi’s heart is cool and half。
Shanloo has already taken the words very clear。
It’s just an accident with you.,I didn’t think you gave me a strong.,I am also voluntary,Just this matter has nothing to do with my solitary choice.。
I still will be a widow of Yang Jia.,You can do my friend,I want to think that I am a husband.,I will die this heart.,Never there is no chance。
If you do yourself,Hurt oneself,That Ming also has a chance,But she is now,Gao Biyi completely understood the words of the other party。