“No need to ask Guanyin,Asked Tang San Tibet,Isn’t he in your hands??”Sun Wuhan is anxious,Turn a circle,I found that only Tang San Tibet can prove his innocence。

“already eaten。”
Liao Wenji mouth:“And don’t say it.,Even if you don’t eat,Tang San Tibet is also your Master,What can he prove?。”
“Go out, don’t fight,You have to believe in his career exercise!”
“Pull down,The monk gives people still catch a lot.。”
Liao Wenjie is too lazy to say anything,Dragon Devil’s king handed a eye:“Cow,Do you want you to rest again?,I am topping first,Waiting for you to rest enough to pack him。”
“Can’t,I will pack him now.。”
Niu Deyu raises his hand to catch the flagpole,Trample in the foot,Roll up the wind and high jump,Finally falling at the foot of the flower husband。
Sun Wukong was raised in his hand,If you say something for mercy on your mouth,Heart is not empty,He has a diamond,Vitality is tenacious,Unlimited is equal to the dead,This kind of thing he will say?
Monkey,Until the Niu De Wang took the flowers of the mountains to put him in the mountain……
“Cow,what are you doing?calm down,I explained me.,You can don’t mess……”
“Invincible beef!”
Cattle tower,Shoulders,哞哞 哞哞 不 于。
“hurry up,Give me a team,A one-one!”
“Niu Ge, you call so many calf sharpes?”
Sun Wukong is unclear,Until the pants are taken off,I am awaken,Screaming:“Niu Ge is not……”
On the other side of the hill,Liao Wenjie raised his hand,field、Bigman、Mandatory……The picture is too ferocious,Unbearable, I can’t see it.。
After a moment,Swut drinking the magic sound,Scared him to make a nightmare at night,Not dare to stay for a long time,Yell‘Contact’,Confucius is kept away from Huacheng。
Accompaniment,Mosh Tong。
Liao Wenjie rushes into the garden,See jade face princess lazy side sleeper,Jade handstand,He nodded,Lift your hand to your side,Then lying on the bench。
She turned over the eyes,Drop the heartbeat of the red heartbeat,Going over in Liao Wenji Huai:“Husband,Why is it in a hurry?,But what thrilling is encountered??”
“My face has always been very white……Forget it, don’t say this,I am afraid that you can’t eat.。”
Liao Wenjie raised his hand down the chin of the princess of the jade:“Call your little sister,Beautiful,The more you better,I want to wash my eyes.。”
Pooh,I see you clearly want to take a shower.。
Under the summons that the jade face is unwilling,More than ten foxes, the sister came with the fragrance,Flower group Jin cluster generally makes full rooms Yan Yan Yan。