Those stars,Did not leave immediately,They are still covered with clear sky,There is rose red、Clear blue、Has navy、Jade white,Near dawn,The star curtain presents another beautiful and colorful picture in this faint world!

The blood is still dripping from Li Yunzi’s palm,She still didn’t stop the bleeding。
She seems to hear something,Sideways slowly,Staring to the west,Gaze at the dimly covered mountains to the west。
suddenly,There appeared one after another like black geese on the mountains。
These geese line up,Passing by the veil of dawn,Seems to be flying from night to day,They flew towards Ronggu City,I don’t have that killing air。
This is the flying bird camp that was sent back by Li Yunzi,The leader is Lu Jiangjun,He led all the flying birds and pseudo-dragons to Ronggu City,And put down all the supplies according to Li Yunzi!
Materials piled up like a mountain,Some well-ripe millet squeezed from the gaps in those sacks,Spilled on the ground,Morning light,Its luster is even brighter than gold。
At the moment when these flying birds and pseudo-dragons appeared,The riot army still has some panic,Especially Zhang Tuo as the leader,His face is tight,Dryness caused cracks in his skin……
But when he saw that the birds and pseudo-dragons were carrying food and clothing,As Li Yunzi said before,For a while, Zhang Tuo’s face trembles slightly,After a while,Sticky tears gush out from the tear glands that he thinks are dry,How to wipe it is not clean!
“The Lord of Ronggu City will distribute to you,Zhang Tuo,You help him too。”Li Yunzi slowly opened a smile,To Zhang Tuo。
“This sword mark……”Zhang Tuo hesitated。
“The moment when you put down your weapon,You are my people,Within the Zulong City State,Even if you are unarmed, you can go in and out at will。”Gigi Lai replied。
“Thank you lady,Thank you for your compassion!”Zhang Tuo kneeled on the ground,Constantly kowtowing towards Li Yunzi。
Ronggok City,Residents are no longer a minority。
Since the emergence of the riot army,They are tortured,Because they know that those refugees who are called beasts will take everything from them。
But at this time the gate is wide open,Those violent troops are powerful,But none of them stepped into this city,They orderly take away the supplies that will allow them to spend the winter in front of the tower。
On the old street,One after another, people walked out of the closed doors,And the woman is holding her own child,They are far apart,A little scared,Can’t help being curious……