And Wright in his seat suddenly found,Sweep yourself with higher spiritual consciousness,At the same time, the consciousness extends along the direction。

“An upper god with all patterns on his face?”Wright Heart:“Don’t seem to have seen it,But he did spy on me on purpose,Pay attention later,Don’t make people shame。”
Chapter Twelve Storm Castle
Metal life cuts through the sky,A pure white phantom instantly disappeared over the gate of Jiuhe City,It’s just a little bit faintly in the distant sky,I can’t see the trace at all in the blink of an eye。
Metal life flies all the way to the northeast,Landscape changes along the way,A large group of people are looking outside through the transparent window。For the middle god who has not yet passed the elves test,This is also a rare sight。
Three full days,Three staff from the fairy castle in green robes came to this back warehouse。
“Everybody!”A middle-aged man with red scales has no expression on his face,Said indifferently,“Participating in the wizard assessment this time,A total of 800 people。But according to our records every time,No more than a hundred people will eventually become elves。”
“Location of this assessment,It is more than 100 million miles northeast of Jiuhe City,Jiuqi Mountain!Follow the speed of metal life,estimate,About eight months,Can reach the destination。”
now,Silence in the cabin after metal life。
One thousand middle gods who participated in the elf test,Of course, three high-level gods including Elek are listening carefully。
“As for the detailed description of the task,Carl,For you。”Middle-aged with red scales stand aside,This one has the same name as Wright’s roommate,Is a beautiful man called enchanting。
“The first thing I want to explain is,This wizard assessment task,It’s not made by our fairy castle deliberately。”The enchanting beautiful man Karl said,“Everyone should know,The elves can take some tasks in the elven castle!This task is divided into levels!”
“As for your assessment task,We selected from a large number of tasks,One-star mission for you!”
“As long as you complete this task,Nature is a star spirit!”
“And this time the mission location,In the Jiuqi Mountains!There are many tribes and forces on this mountain range,One of the big forces,is called【Stormy Castle】The lord of Rainstorm Castle is a master alchemist who practices the rules of life。
“The castle owner recently received news,There is a force to deal with them,After the exploration of our fairy castle,This force is from the Jiuya Mountain Range【Blood Heburg】。The master of this ancient bloody castle,The strength is terrible,He also has a housekeeper,Ten blood armor guards and hundreds of black armor guards!”
“Your task is,The fortress who protects the stormy castle,And kill a black guard。Of course, the protection of the Lord of the Storm is actually handed over to the characters of the upper gods,And you mainly deal with the black armor guard!”