He walked all the way out of Snake Valley,Vertically a tall tree recognized the direction,Head north。

Only after a few miles out,Suddenly someone on the left side of the hill said:“That old guy Gu Rimou is so bold,Actually dared to steal Chiba fruit under the eyes of many ancestors!”
Another voice said:“But not。But I heard that this old guy was also besieged by the ancestors,Seriously injured。”
“Don’t underestimate the enemy!”
A hoarse and slightly majestic voice sounded:“The injured second-rate master is not comparable to our seventh-rank Dzogchen,Once I found the trace of Old Man Gu,You immediately release a ringing arrow,Let the ancestor come and deal with old man Gu personally,Do you know!”
971 Soshan
In the dark,Above the barren mountain,Suddenly I heard someone talk about Gu Rimou,Chen Xiu couldn’t help being surprised,The first thought is:“Old pervert!”
But one day later, they were just those old monsters who came out to find Gu Rimou’s Ma Tsai, and suddenly they were relieved a lot.,Hearing that they are only the seventh stage of Consummation,It’s not a serious matter。
After all, he had previously had a combat skill for five seventh-rank perfect masters.,And at that time, my own muscle-easy-muscle-forging skills were only at the second level.。
At this moment, I have cultivated to the third level of Yi Jin Bone Forging Skill.,Not only copper skin and iron bones,My strength has also doubled。
It’s really time for Chen Xiu to be confident,Wu Tingfang came here,Although I dare not say that I can win,At least he has the confidence to fight。
Chen Xiu looked up the hillside,I saw more than 20 people standing in the shadows,My heart trembled:“Fortunately, I didn’t have the urge to run out and have a few tricks with them,More than 20 masters of the Seventh Stage Great Perfection,Really many opponents!”
Seeing these people are walking towards the north,Chen Xiu quietly retreated from the hillside,He didn’t dare to continue going north,Thought to myself:“Walk up from the north to Wudang Mountain,Is the fastest place to leave Shennongjia。There must be a key search,I still walk from the southwest,The journey over there is half way far,Relatively safer!”