“what?can not say,Shouldn’t a couple confess??Ok,You don’t want to say,Don’t talk about it then。”

Listen to him asking so excitedly,Think about it,Now a couple,Why not share it,Not to mention the harmless things。
“Do you remember harry,I watched you call Harry in your dream last night,Tonight, the scene you dreamed of last night appeared in my dream。”
“Oh!Turned out to be like this,Probably the time we experienced with Harry,Make me unforgettable,Often dream of him。”
“What did he say in his dream?”
The dream is too clear,Tian Lu told him one by one。He stood up and walked around with his chin,Lost in thought。
“Can I ask you a question?I was called Lisu in your dream,Please let me know,Is the story between you and Lisu?”
This question,Poke Ding Kelan’s Heart,Even a little annoyed Ding Kelan,Don’t care about Tian Lu。Go back to curtain own bed,Turn off the lights。
Sudden indifference,Make Tian Lu wonder if she asked the wrong question,Does the story of Xie Lisu and Ke Lan really make Ke Lan unforgettable,Like Harry in a dream,Is it really that important??
But I never saw them have intimate behavior,I haven’t seen it even when a foreign guest visited。Ke Lan treats Xie Lisu in a normal way,Didn’t even look straight,What’s going on between them?
but,It’s too easy to be Ke Lan’s wife,What is it in his heart?And even if you are newly married,Lonely man and widow in the same room,But his heart is not upset。Maybe it’s exactly what he said,I like him,And he just doesn’t hate me,And find all kinds of reasons not to hold a wedding banquet,Why on earth?The unknown that may appear before marriage,I can’t care about,Correct,Can’t care about,Live a married life that you want。
Tian Lu patted her brain vigorously,Let yourself stop thinking,Deny your judgment for a while and affirm your judgment。
Ding Kelan on the other side of the curtain put his head on his back with both hands,Seeing everything in the dark that can’t be seen,for a long time,I closed my eyes and fell asleep,As for what he is thinking,I’m afraid only he knows。