“No hurries!Let me see。”now,Lu Menglin’s reaction was strange,He did not rush to the conclusion,Instead, he circled the corpse of the two-headed Gorefiend several times。

All three of them saw A Lu’s actions,Both don’t understand。
“What are you looking for?Did you lose something??”Tu Shanming asked in surprise。
Lu Menglin didn’t say a word,Turn around again。
“No matter how many times you turn, it won’t help。No explosion means no explosion,If you are not convinced, call it up and kill it again!”Tu Shanming is obviously swollen now,Even A Lu dared to arrange it。
Chapter One Thousand and Three Jihad Necklace
“Alu,No need to watch,In a while,The body of the two-headed Gorefiend will turn into dust,Dissipate between heaven and earth。”The wooden knife said in a deep voice。
He thinks Alu may just be curious,After all, these players below level 40,I usually don’t have a chance to see a rare thing like a double-headed blood demon,It’s normal for young people to look more curiously。
Huang Shaotian stared at Lu Menglin’s back ,As if thoughtful。
At this moment,Lu Menglin made a move that they didn’t understand,He leaned down,Reached out and touched the double-headed blood demon。
When I saw his action,The wooden knife’s heart beats slightly,Said quickly:“Be careful,Don’t touch dark creatures casually,Especially thisBOSSClass creature,Many of their bodies are highly poisonous,Specifically for light energy。”
The wooden knife is right,People of the God nation have been disciplined since childhood,Try not to touch the dark creatures,Because of those dirty dark creatures,Born with chaotic and evil power,Will pollute the light energy of the gods,That’s why he reminded A Lu。
Lu Menglin is not a man of the gods,Of course I don’t care about this kind of thing,And he has the body to see God is not bad,It’s not harmful,the most important is,He is very aware of the so-called chaotic energy in the dark creature,Is actually space energy,For the people of the gods,Is highly toxic energy,There are actually a lot in him,Not a threat at all。
The reason why he would actively touch the corpse of the two-headed Gorefiend,Because of the previous life,When Lu Menglin was still a fanatical《legend》Game player,Once played a double-headed blood monster in the game,Knowing that the two-headed blood demon does not explode,There is another way,Just touch the corpse,In the game, players can draw out Scarlet Moon equipment from the corpse of the double-headed Gorefiend。
only,Lu Menglin in Shenmin Continent,I have never tried touching a corpse,Don’t know how to touch,So I tried。
The other three saw that Alu was touching the corpse of the double-headed Gorefiend,All showed a surprised look。