Looking in the mirror

Looking in the mirror

Looking at the mirror in a traditional Chinese medicine style 2007-11-24 To understand a person’s health, is it only the doctor’s medical report that has the right to intervene?

Faculty of traditional Chinese medicine, in the eyes of “bright eyes”, the rise and fall of the five internal organs are clearly written on the face.

  Tongue-the tongue reveals his “heart”. Chinese medicine says that the heart is open to the tongue. The tongue is the spokesperson of the heart on the body surface.

If his heart function is normal, his tongue will show a lovely ruddy, soft, flexible movement, sweet words constantly, this is what such a tongue is like.

As long as his heart is creeping, he can never hide you: pale tongue and fat: it means that the heart yang is insufficient and the blood flow is slow.

  Tongue color is red and the tongue is thin and thin: it means that the heart yin fluid is insufficient and the body fluid concentration.

  The tongue is thin and thin, and the color is glorious: it means that the heart blood is insufficient, and the blood supply to the heart muscle is reduced.

  The tongue is red and even has ulcers: it means that the heart fire is inflamed and the fire of the heart meridians spreads upward.

  The color of the tongue is purple or dark: it means heart stasis and blood flow is not smooth.

  Watch the stars: Adu Adu received a cardio training machine as a gift.

He is said to have severe heart palpitations and always feels that his heart is beating fast, as if he can see it beating across his clothes.

It’s a pity that I can’t see Adu’s tongue, and I think there is something wrong.

There are often reporters who said that he was most afraid of interviewing Adu and asked for nothing for a long time. This also proved that he was not articulate and clumsy because of lack of energy.

  Heart protection: tongue exercises.

Through the benign stimulation of the tongue to the heart, the heart function is maintained in a good state.

The method is: after closing your eyes for a few minutes, make a retractable tongue, swing the tongue left and right, and make a circular movement of the tongue 10 times in the counterclockwise direction.

  Eyes-Vision loss indicates that his liver is defective. TCM says: “The liver has blood, the main tendon, and the eye is open.”

“The position of the eyes is in the highest part of the whole body. Only those who have excess blood can have their eyes full of vitality.

If he stares at you eagerly, it means he has good liver.

Otherwise, does he . like to keep his eyes closed: it means lack of qi and blood, and poor liver function.

  Drowsiness with slightly opened eyes: indicates spleen and stomach discomfort.

  Yellow eyes: indicates jaundice caused by liver disease.

  Red spots on the eyes: indicates poor blood circulation.

  Eyelid drooping: indicates that patients with cerebrovascular disease have hyperlipidemia and unstable blood pressure.

  Darkness around the eye sockets: indicates that kidney yang is insufficient, and water metabolism is impaired.

  Any vision loss caused by non-trauma is related to liver qi deficiency and blood deficiency.

TCM believes: “When you lie down, the blood goes to the liver.

“Now many people do not sleep at 11 o’clock, and some even after 12 o’clock, this is the time when the liver and gallbladder meridian runs most vigorously. Staying up late beyond this time will hurt the liver and gallbladder, and vision will decline.

  Watch the stars: Fu Biao Fu Biao gradually developed from unfortunate liver to liver cancer, followed by a vigorous liver transplant.

In fact, his liver disease has been exposed for a long time. He has always shown his eyes with a pair of swollen, drooping eyelids. In Chinese medicine, this is a manifestation of hyperlipidemia and irregular liver qi and blood.

  Liver nourishing: The best dietary treatment is wolfberry, angelica, boiled water or stew alone.

  Nose-Test his lung function with “Scent of Fragrance Game”. The lungs open to the nose. Traditional Chinese medicine says “Lung Qi flows through the nose, and the lungs and nose can know the smell and smell.”

“Ventilation and olfactory function of the nose depend mainly on the action of the lungs.

If he has a good lung function, his nose must be unobstructed and his sense of smell be normal. Playing with you to “smell incense and know people” must be a good hand.

Otherwise: the nose is brown-black: it means that the spleen and guinea are defective.

  Blue next to the nose: cold stomach.

  Yellow next to the nose: indicates gastrointestinal indigestion.

  Nose hair: indicates that the cholesterol in the blood is too high.  The lungs are delicate, very delicate, and will be injured when they are hot or cold, so the most common cause of lungs.

There are two reasons for this.

First, because the lungs are connected to the nose, the external evil can directly harm the lungs and make it dysfunctional.

In addition, Chinese medicine believes that the lungs are the canopies of the five internal organs. Even if the internal organs are covered by the other internal organs, as long as the other internal organs are displaced, the gas will spread to the lungs.

The relationship between the lungs and the nose is very iron. If one person is sick, the two people share the same burden.

  Watching the stars: Zhang Xueyou listens to Zhang Xueyou’s love song, always with a strong nasal sound, which makes people intoxicated.

Everyone knows that he has allergic nose problems, and headaches and insomnia follow.

Zhang Xueyou said that it was possible that his nose was injured during filming, causing the spine in the nose to become distorted, and the nose began to be allergic.

In fact, the biggest possibility is that the lung qi is weak, causing the cold and evil qi to invade, which has caused nasal occlusion to become blocked, and it may be better to treat with Chinese medicine.

  Lung Replenishment: Ma Hall’s breathing and appetite.

Every morning at 8?
10 o’clock in the afternoon?
At 5 o’clock, this time is the time when the cypress tree releases oxygen, and the cypress tree has the effect of soothing and reassuring.

Inhale under the cypress tree, exhale through the mouth, do 12 times, long-term adherence can supplement lung deficiency.

  Ear-ear position implies human kidney ability. Ears are holes in the body’s surface.

Whether hearing is sensitive is closely related to the rise and fall of stored essence in the kidney.

Hearing is sensitive only if the kidneys have sufficient energy.

Hurry up with him, kidney capacity is an important indicator.

  The upper edge of both ears is lower than both eyes: it means that kidney qi is insufficient.

  Ears are thinner than normal: it means that the kidneys are deficient in qi and congenital deficiency.

  Tinnitus: indicates excessive fatigue and weakness.

  Sudden Deafness: It indicates that there is a problem with the mind, and there may be a mental illness.

  Earlobe turns red: indicates fever or eye inflammation.

  Watching the stars: Fan Xiaoxuan did not perform a large-scale performance for two years. Last year, because of the pressure to do large-scale concerts and filming at the same time, he was overworked and physically weak, which caused dysfunction of the inner ear, ear, and throat, and suddenly left tinnitus.

The doctor gave her a prescription to quit coffee, green tea and other beverages. It is also reasonable for Chinese medicine to suffer from these beverages because these beverages will cause kidney damage.

  Nourishing kidney: tonic yam, scallops, sea bass, chestnuts, wolfberry, Polygonum multiflorum.

  Lips-Wondering if he is spleen?

Go to eat. The spleen opens its mouth. Our diet, taste and spleen function are inseparable.

Take him to dinner. If his lips are rosy, his appetite is good, and his breath is fresh, it means that he is healthy and his spleen is functioning normally.

If he doesn’t take a grain of rice for a long time while holding a bowl of rice, he will either be dissatisfied with you or have a spleen deficiency.

Also, don’t forget to look again: pale lips: indicates a blood sample, anemia.

  Whitening on the upper lip only: indicates a problem with the large intestine.

  Whitening of lower lip only: indicates poor stomach function.

  Lips are purplish red: indicates insufficient blood oxygen in the body.

  Dry and scorched lips, loss of gloss: indicates spleen deficiency.

  Every time you are hit, you ca n’t eat when you ‘re in a bad mood. Now you know why.

A depressed mood hurts the liver. The liver is wood in the five elements. It can restrain the spleen of the territories. After the spleen is injured, it affects appetite. Other foods are boring and not hungry at all.

  Watch the stars: Dad in “Eating Men and Women”.

  Although all three daughters were around at the time, each daughter was full of personality, like three debt collectors.

He didn’t know how to communicate with his daughter, and only cooked dinner once a week.
Even this kind of food exchange is dull and speechless.

Dad’s emotional depression at this time has hurt the liver, and the liver has affected the spleen, so taste disorders occur.
At the end of the film, each daughter has a destination, and my dad is finally freed from the knot. After remarrying and having children, the mood is different, the spleen is normal, and the taste is returned.

  Spleen: You can use yam, atractylodes, barley kernels, potatoes, white lentils, sweet potatoes, etc., as long as it is deep in the ground can be spleen.

Use them to make porridge, stew meat, and cook it alone. If you put a little lotus leaf, the effect of refreshing the spleen will be better.