Su father chasing out quickly, Suxing Yang was also quick to chase, clutching clothes lady, mother although Su Su Xingyang grabbed, but also livid face Heleyisheng: “Do not chase!”

  Suxing Yang to see the old lady, looking at Su father, he turned and ran back to the house, put on pants, take the jacket, quickly ran out.
  Su Xingchen really want to go, fast pace.
  Su father is followed to chase down, obviously not the daughter to go fast, is particularly fast, so he did not actually chase to catch up, only she watched her figure straight ahead, until it disappeared in the misty night among.
  He’s anxious to recover, also came out without a coat, on coral velvet pajamas.
  At this time, the winter winds of the night, is cold hands and feet.
  For the second daughter this stubborn temper, he is also somewhat annoying, but no matter how angry she was worried about the upper hand, looking at the end of the road, and quickly ran back to the community, and just hit Suxing Yang.
  ”Dad, sister of it.”
  Su Parent pressing the elevator: “You hurry back, but also class it tomorrow, just you have a cold, do not they increased.”
  He took home a coat put on, to take the car underground garage.
  Usually not in a hurry when the car started before the engine heat it, feel that the time will soon be this time, it is extremely upset, and quickly started the car and drove out of the car chase area, open in the direction of Su Xingchen go.
  S南宁夜网u district is located in the west, away from the community out, go to the left is the direction of the Foreign Language School, go and go, it is a crossroads.
  Before he was seeing Su Xingchen figure to go the direction of the bus station, and he drove the chase, it may open the way not found.
  He was afraid she was gone sidewalk, is not being green belt on both sides of the road blocking the line of sight, she did not see the man, he opened a few kilometers later, this is where you want to go to the station, they felt such a short time, she can not come here, go back and find another U-turn, go here thinking is not the sidewalk, can not be found, then turn around to find.
  Not thought she might take a taxi, but she is old machine phone, a taxi software are not, you do not have software hailed a taxi in the street, people are basically non-stop.
  But also to find several laps, did not see the man, the father of the Soviet Union would not feel that she was the wrong road, turn back the other direction to go.
  The direction of the road with access to foreign language school, he considered, and she is also possible to go there.
  So I drove back, side to side to find Suxing Chen called, played no answer.
  Just fork in the road this road many books lush green belt on both sides, oleander branches down to the ground, cast a shadow over a large area.
  He first went along that road to find a foreign language school, not seen people looking twice, to return to the city center and from farther away in the opposite direction to find, go down to district and find.