Anan stood beside the cross weeping eye, eyes fell on her.

  Men come again singled out a cigarette, in his mouth, do not ignite, I looked at her as.
  See Zhou Anan scalp is a cross-Lu.
  ”You, how I think so?I did not harm!I did not give him!I boiled water!”
  Lianmei man, picked up the bird with one hand, to put it twists and pants, put the house.
  Bird flew away, very calm man sight.
  The face of others, he is putting on airs.
  Deep dark eyes, with a cold Henli, like rebellious lion head.
  ”I know.”
  Lu horizontal spit out words.
  Zhou Anan Minchun, turned out.
  Su also rain dance dance militia, did not go home.
  Zhou Anan all the way out of the district, met Zhang Xin.
  ”Hey, Ann?Ann?Zhou Anan!”Zhang Xin shouted again, Zhou Anan did not hear.
  He drove straight past interception.
  Zhou Anan out of breath stopped, squatted 杭州桑拿on the cell door.
  ”Ann, how the?”
  Zhou Anan crouched there, crying collapse.
  ”Wow ah ah ah.Dog force, are a group of dog force.”
  Lu cross eyes made her uncomfortable, as if she was a wicked sinner.
  ”Hey?You go to a small cotton?Now small cotton should not dance in the dance militia it?You are not met the brother Lu?His temper was bad, how could you go to hit it on the wooden hatch.”
  Zhou Anan continue to cry, did not pay him any heed.
  Cry over, she looked up to see Zhang Xin, “We break.”
  Zhang Xin Yi Leng, Xipixiaolian said: “I’ll buy you a bag.”
  Zhou Anan stared at him, “Buy the package is useless.”
  Zhang Xin laugh away, “Zhou Anan, our feelings for so many years, even packages are not saved yet?”
  ”Can not.”
  Zhang Xin silent, “Why?”
  It was not actually a world.Originally, it is the beginning o南宁桑拿论坛f play, to maintain this dramatic so many years, Zhou Anan feel is a miracle.
  ”Do not come to me.”
  Zhou Anan stood up, walked.
  Zhang Xin stand still, and then turned the car carry out a package, into the trash.
  ”Hey, have you heard yet?Donnan Sheng Lu Jiayuan engagement with canceled.”
  ”cancelled?How can it be?Lu Jiayuan not