ial arts no matter how good, physical strength is limited!”Yun Kun said..

  ”Ringleader, if this pa苏州夜网ck of wolves is really the subject of control, then we have to hide in the dark, to find the people who control the wolves!”Xiao Yu eye color a little deep.
  However, to find a man hidden in the secret manipulation of wolves, this thing easier said than done?
  Now if that is okay during the day, but now it is night, surrounded by darkness pitch-dark, and that people have the ability to manipulate such a large group of wolves, definitely also have the ability to hide in the dark, make it difficult to find!
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  In the end what way, be able to find the people behind the manipulation of wolves?
  Wen nine looked around, she has around the fire, which appears four weeks more of darkness.
  It is also because they had a huge pile of fire, so also will be exposed to this wild, a target that wolves.苏州夜网
  However, even if they did not fire, now that concluded that wolves are being manipulated, I am afraid, they have been the target of!
  And now, the fire behind them, can not be extinguished.
  If the fire to put out, that they might be numerous wolf, to quickly eat into!
  In the dark, with canines than vision, it is purely a joke, even if it is a first-class martial arts master, I am afraid it is difficult to do this.
  What’s more, only a little fist kung fu Wen nine.
  However, here too bright, is bound to set off more darkness around.
  The more dark place, the more hidden dangers will make people so afraid.
  And that behind the manipulation of this pack of wolves, perhaps, is hiding in the dark!
  The dark moment but two three hour, from dawn, there are several hour.
  Wen nine felt they pedestrians, must be less than t苏州夜网hat time dragging!
  They fight f