tionship with my brother Feng not what you think, I take him as a pro brother, we are like brother and sister.”

  Liu Kun Lang hit a yawn: “dry brother Well, I know, I have several dry sister, slept that.”
  ”No, between me and Feng brother what had happened, not what you think of the kind of relationship.”Panpan fist crying meters.
  ”real or fake?”Liu Kun Lanna shocked.
  M Panpan: “I and von Big Brother really is not the kind of relationship you want, unblemished between us.”
  Liu Kun Feng Kai Lanna extreme compassion, this man is not a problem melon head, eyes looking condemn meters daughter: “深圳桑拿网You It’s a bit unkind, after the saddle before the horse people, get to give people a little reward it, no bully honest peo上海419论坛ple.”
  Do not prevent such a shameless words he uttered, rice daughter angry mind a blank moment, immediately glared Liu Kun Lang: “You put me what became!”
  Liu Kun Lanna brought back corners of the mouth: “gold digger ah!”He shrugged his shoulders:” Is not it, who you rich and powerful to whom good and what is not a gold digger.”
  M Hunters could not believe my ears, shouting: “I’m not, you nonsense.”
  ”What is called the big night, to give back to his house to go.”1104 threw open the door, wearing pajamas middle-aged woman shouted snappily:” that the corridor is your home, ah, also allows people to sleep.”
  Liu Kun Lanna his hands up laughing: “Sorry Sorry.”
  Snappily saw two middle-aged woman, forced to shut the door.
  Liu Kun Lanna pulled out the keys, opened the door: “Is it you did not mind a few points B, line, so广州桑拿 be it!”
  M Hunters dart with the inside, questioning: “You understand you, so how can you insult me, since you think I am such a person, why do you want with me?”
  Liu Kun Lanna gas laughed, backhand closed the door: “I said rice d