Tian Rongsheng home is standard Li City alleys yard courtyard, A rouge and Xie Ming Che got there, alley lanterns have been lit up.

  Into the main room, only to find inside is bright Xie sat often repair course.
  Xie Ming Che squint eyes squint slightly, and suddenly look a bit cold.
  Xie Tian Rongsheng see a bright, happy it was not, quickly put down the glass, “is bright here?Quickly, come sit down with A rouge!”
  Wooden round table, has put out a table full of dishes.
  After Xie et rouge is bright and Arab sat down, Tian Rongsheng quickly go out and stand in front of the main room shouting, “the old woman!Fast Biemang!He is bright young married woman comes, you come check!”
  He screams came just sit down soon, there is a man in plain clothes outside, gray-haired old lady came in carrying a bowl of soup.
  Old woman named Li Yueling, and Tian Rongsheng is already a good couple of years old.
  Sitting next to a natural repair often see her hands, carrying soup, quickly stood up Shenshouqujie, “my wife, I come.”
  Li Yueling did not refuse, eyes suddenly stopped in Afghanistan rouge who suddenly smile, “Oh, this is which brought out the girl, how looks so juicy!”
  A rouge was holding her hand, white face suddenly a little reddish, she saw