The results received a phone orphanages, old president fell ill.

  Balcony province is relative, hospital Qi Feng province of more well-known, so do not then go back and pick Su Mu, her co-workers to put the old president to the Provincial People’s Hospital Qi Feng.
  However, some frustration Su Mu, the old president’s health is getting bad, if she fell, which may be how to do ah orphanage.
  The doctor’s diagnosis is not very good, brain haemorrhage, the age of the elderly, almost a fatal illness.
  The age of the elderly, basically unable to withstand surgery, it is very limited treatment options, expert consultation to wait for the results of tomorrow’s out of the job.
  Su Mu then sat on the bed, although that worry is useless, but she was still uneasy, just like her old president of the pro-grandmother as well as her only family in this world, and so it can not hurt ah.
  Su Mu is then cranky when suddenly a nurse came in, of course, said Su Mu.
  ”Family is not it, do you want to rent beds?You can not be here, affecting other patients rest.”
  Su Mu Ran Oh sigh, got up out of the ward, to see the outside of the bed and asked,.
  ”How much rent beds